Sponsor a Pen

Sponsor a pen with us!

Our brand, spanking NEW sponsorship pack includes a 6 or 12 month sponsorship with access to regularly updated videos of the cats/kittens in the pen, a paragraph about where they have come from, their background and how they are doing and photographs! You will also get your name written on a decorative plaque outside of the pen, what more could you want?! 

On site we have 12 re-homing pens and 4 maternity pens - watch how quick some cats are re-homed and some who sadly stay with us for longer than we would like. Get connected with the adult cats we have, watch them arrive, settle in, play and get re-homed or watch our kittens grow up into mischievous dare devils!

How it works..

Our idea is that once you have made the purchase, you will be added to a facebook group of your chosen pen number to which you will be updated with videos from Izzy and information from Terry! 

These facebook groups are not monitored daily.  

For a 6 month sponsorship - £90 one off payment

For a 12 month sponsorship - £150 one off payment

Meet our other Residents available for Sponsorship...


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