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About Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie came to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in November 2014. Around 5 years old, the pygmy goats where unwanted pets. They now live in our stables which where built especially to house our residents.

Bert and Ernie enjoy meeting the public at various fundraising events and they love the attention of people, especially when it means plenty of treats! The cheekiest goats at Woodlands, they spend most of their time in the field when they aren't out and about visiting schools as part of our education programme.

Sponsor Bert and Ernie

If you would like to sponsor Bert & Ernie or any of our residents, you can setup a standing order or make a one off yearly payment via the links below.

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We have many animals and residents at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary. If you feel sponsorship is not for you, then you may consider donating to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary. Every penny helps towards the care and rehabilitation of neglected and unwanted animals.

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