Did you know it costs £4,500 per week to run Woodlands Animal Sanctuary...

What do you get...

Sponsor an animal with Woodlands Animal Sanctuary from just £5 per month and you can help us to continue rehabilitating animals including cats, kittens and hedgehogs! Each sponsorship includes:

  • Update Letter Receive regular letters from our resident with an update on their progress.
  • Photographs Receive photographs of our residents alongside your updates.
  • Certificate Receive a certificate to show your sponsorship.
  • Woodlands Newsletter Get our regular newsletter straight to your inbox so you can stay up to date with Woodlands.

Our Residents

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we care for a large range of animals, from cats and guinea pigs to equines and poultry.  Unfortunately, we are unable to re-home some of the animals that come to us, so they become residents living out their lives at Woodlands. Through sponsorship you can help us to give those animals a chance at finding their forever homes as well as supporting our residents.

Sponsor an Animal as a Gift

Sponsoring an animal at Woodlands animal sanctuary is perfect as a gift for a loved one or friend. If you would like your gift sending directly to them we will include a personalised message so they know who it is from.

Who would you like to sponsor....

Our Hedgehog Family

Our Hedgehog Family

Hedgehogs are a constant at Woodlands, we care for anything up to 150 hogs at any one time and in 2015 we released over 200 hedgehogs back into the wild.
Dolly and Beanie, our Donkeys

Dolly and Beanie, our Donkeys

They came to Woodlands in November 2014 after their owner could no longer cope with them. Beanie was very underweight and thought to be pregnant again.
Carrie, one of our Cats

Our Feline Family

We have cared for sick, injured and abandoned cats since we were founded in 2005.  We also rehome over 100 cats annual and currently have 10 residents in our care.

Our goats, Bert and Ernie

Our goats, Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie came to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in November 2014 as unwanted pets.

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