Rehoming Guinea Pigs can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to ten years of your life.

Guinea Pigs should never live by themselves, always a minimum of two, but three is a much more ideal number. All males should be neutered which will theoretically mean that you can mix any combination of sexes. Any males leaving the sanctuary will have already been neutered.

Guinea Pigs need a minimum space of a 6ft hutch and a 6ft run. Anything smaller is not acceptable. We always ask you to send photos of your facilities before we make you an appointment to meet the Guinea Pigs.

Pheobe, Phyllis & Peaches!
Pheobe, Phyllis & Peaches!
This is Pheobe, Phyllis & Peaches who are a year and a half old!

These three came into our care on 12th August as their owners just couldn't care for them anymore.

They are a bonded trio who get on really well with no fighting. They are slightly skittish therefore more handling would be ideal for them. They are beautiful little creatures who definitely have a good squeak on them!

These girls would be ideal in a home with no other piggies however we wouldn't say no to extending anyone's guinea-pig village! If you are interested in these girls please fill out a re-homing form and make sure you reference their names.
Jimmie came in to us on the 19th February with his brother Chazz who sadly passed away earlier this year, leaving him all alone. He is around 18 months old and came in to us due to a change in his owners circumstances. Jimmie is a neutered male and a more tame guinea pig due to us having him for a longer period of time. He requires a home with existing guinea pigs as he is unfortunately by himself through no fault of his own, which is not ideal for a guinea pig. He has already been homed and brought back before due to him and the existing guinea pig not getting along so he really needs his forever home! If you think you could give Jimmie the chance he needs, please fill out an application form.
Sugar and Spice
Sugar and SpiceCreative Director
Sugar and spice came in to us on the 31st July as they were no longer wanted. They are roughly 10 months old and are a bonded pair of females. They are quite skittish so will need some handling but will make great additions to a home and possibly to an already existing guinea pig family. Sugar and Spice are unneutered females and they are currently on a diet as they came in to us very fat!! These guys have been health checked and are ready to go to their forever home.
Rhubarb and Custard
Rhubarb and Custard
Rhubarb and Custard came in to us on 28th August due to their owner no longer having enough time to care for them. They are coming up for 18 months old. These guys are on the nervous side so can be quite skittish and require handling. They are a bonded pair so will need to go together and can be homed with existing guinea pigs. They have recently been neutered on the 16th September so will need to wait 6 weeks before being introduced with females. If you are interested in this sweet pair, please fill out a form.

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