Rehoming Guinea Pigs can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to ten years of your life.

Guinea Pigs should never live by themselves, always a minimum of two, but three is a much more ideal number. All males should be neutered which will theoretically mean that you can mix any combination of sexes. Any males leaving the sanctuary will have already been neutered.

Guinea Pigs need a minimum space of a 6ft hutch and a 6ft run. Anything smaller is not acceptable. We always ask you to send photos of your facilities before we make you an appointment to meet the Guinea Pigs.

Pea and Pod
Pea and Pod
This is Pea and Pod who are approx 1 and a half years old!

Pea and Pod came to us on the 29th October as their owners had no time for them and thought it was best to find them a new home.

Pea is the white and black and Pod the ginger! They haven't been able to bond with any of the staff members yet however they love one an other and do like to be handled.

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