Rehoming Animals Since 2005

Rehoming a cat can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to twenty years of your life.

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we understand that all our animals’ health and well-being is paramount. We work with Vets 4 Pets in Preston Capitol Centre to ensure that all our cats and kittens receive the highest standards of care and medical treatment possible before being rehomed. This includes:

  • Veterinary Checks
  • Worming Treatment
  • Microchipping
    All of our cats and kittens leave Woodlands registered to the Sanctuary to ensure they can be re-united with their family.
  • Tests for Feline Aids and Leukemia where necessary
  • Spayed/Neutered
    All cats over 6 months old are spayed/neutered and kittens from 9 weeks to 6 months come with a neutering voucher for Vets4Pets 
  • Vaccinations
    All of our cats receive at least their first vaccination before leaving Woodlands. Any cat who has not yet received it, will also leave us with a voucher for Vets 4 Pets Preston Capitol Centre for their second vaccination. It is of upmost importance that your cat has the same type and brand of vaccine for its second vaccination as the first vaccine. Hence we ask you to return to Vets 4 Pets to get the second vaccination regardless of which veterinary practice you would normally use.

This care costs over £175 per cat to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary but rehoming a cat from Woodlands means we only ask for a donation of £85 for one and £160 for a pair.

Our Rehoming Process

All of our applications go through the same three-stage process. This helps us to ensure not only the cats safety, but that you and your new cat are the perfect match. Please also pay special attention to our rehoming rules outlined at the bottom of this webpage.

Rehoming Rules

We will not rehome an adult cat into a home where there are existing adult cats.

We ensure that no cat or kitten is released to its new home until 48 hours after its vaccination.

If there are other pets in the household i.e. dogs, we will normally recommend a kitten unless we have an adult cat who is used to living with dogs.  Dogs are able to come to the Sanctuary to be introduced to the cat.

All existing cats in any household must be neutered.

All cats and kittens that leave Woodlands Animal Sanctuary must leave with the food and litter that they are currently using here, this can be purchased from our onsite shop.
We currently do not have any kittens available for reservation.  Please only fill out our online application if you are looking for an adult cat.  We will keep you updated on our socials when we have kittens available for reservations!  Thank you for your understanding!

Unfortunately we are closed to cat viewing appointments at the moment due to the current situation with COVID-19

The Cats

This very handsome boy is Mikey who is approximately in his teens.

Mikey was brought to us on 9th December 2020 with his friend Johnathan who has gone to his new home. He was brought in due to the ill health of his owner who could no longer look after them both.

Mikey was held back for re-homing due to noticing him excessively drink and urinate. It turned out he was extremely diabetic and we have been working on getting his insulin levels right before re-homing him. Mikey has come out leaps and bounds and we feel like he has really improved on the dosage he is on currently. Mikey is on 2.5 units of inject-able insulin which is given at 12 hours intervals - 9:30am and 9:30pm. He is also on a diabetic dry food diet which he absolutely loves and always had 2 topped up water dishes.

Mikey is everyones favourite old man at the sanctuary, he loves nothing more than sitting on your lap and having a snooze or watching the world go by from his pen. He loves being picked up and cuddled to death, he really is one of a kind. He doesn't mind his insulin being injected which is something his new owners will not have to worry about. He has no bad bone in his body, he just needs a lovely little family home to love him as much as the staff and volunteers here do.

Mikey is neutered, up to date with vaccinations and is microchipped. He has also recently recovered from a urine infection which was treated quite quickly. He has had a blood test done to make sure everything is in tip top condition before leaving us!

Mikey will need to go home with some insulin and needles and will need regular drop in's at the sanctuary to have his glucose levels taken to make sure the dosage he is on is accurate. This will be explained on the phone with our re-homing manager. His insulin will be paid for by the sanctuary. If you are interested in Mikey and have read his information carefully, please send in a form!
Pesto - Reserved
Pesto - Reserved
This is Pesto who is approximately 8 years old!

Pesto came into our care on the 3rd January after her owners relationship breaking down. Pesto was originally from us back in March 2020 so is looking for a new home again!

Pesto hasn't had the best of luck and constantly gets overlooked due to some behaviour she displays! Pesto is very lovely, cuddly and has amazing tortie markings! She can be such a lovely girl and does like to jump onto your lap for a stroke. She has got that 'naughty tortie' side to her, we think when she hears or smells another cat close by, she can react by swiping. She can also be a tad destructive when left alone for long periods of time, therefore a house where the owners work at home or work short hours would be ideal. She will also need access to outdoors where she can go during the day, however she isn't a big fan of other cats so possibly a quiet neighborhood with limited cats around.

Pesto has been spayed with us, chipped and has been fully vacc'ed therefore she is available to leave us as soon as possible. If you are interested in Pesto, please read the description carefully before sending in a form.
William & Socks
William & Socks
This is William & Socks who are 6 years old!

This pair came in with 3 others on 11th February due to their owner no longer wanting them. All 5 cats came in crawling with lice and had really dirty ears. They have since been treated for the lice and have all been wormed and are starting to receive the TLC they deserve.

William (left) had a whopping big nose when he arrived to which he was whizzed off to the vets to have it checked out to see if it was a growing tumor. Fortunately it is nothing to worry about and his nose is slowing healing from it being stitched up. He has however got an inflammatory problem therefore will need ongoing medication for this for which the sanctuary will pay. He will need to be seen by our sanctuary vet from time to time also.

Socks (right) was checked over by our vet and was found to have a mild heart murmur. She is not on any medication for this at the moment however may need it in the future, again the sanctuary will pay for this.

To add to this they are both flu carriers, which can flare up in stressful situations like being in a cattery, however shouldn't bother them too much in the future.

Despite their health conditions, William and Socks are really lovely cats that show no aggression. They are quiet, gentle cats that do love a bit of attention from our staff and volunteers. They both like to sit and watch the world go by and we do feel like they will make any house a home, they just need a lot of TLC as they have been through the wars at 100mph.

Both are neutered/spayed, micro-chipped and are fully vaccinated. If you are interested in this absolutely loving pair, please fill out a form.
This is Margaret who is 3 years old!

Margaret came into our care on 12th March from a house where the situation had become out of control. She had been used for breeding and has previously had a litter of kittens.

Margaret is a timid little girl who hasn't had much experience with human affection. She can hiss and has swiped at a few of our team and volunteers, therefore we have made the decision for her to be a stable/yard cat where she can live outdoors with a space for her to come in during the night.

Margaret has been seen by our vet and has been spayed, micro-chipped and 1'st vacc'ed. We will only be accepting applicants for stable homes only so please don't apply for her for any other reasons.
Perky & Celia
Perky & Celia
This is Perky & Celia

They were both brought into our care on 19th March after they were rescued from a hoarder house situation in Chorley. They is amongst several already rescued, where most of the cats have been found dangerously underweight. Perky was suspected pregnant when she came in, but has been spayed as her body is way too fragile and weak to cope with kittens.

They are both very timid on first glance and will need some more time before they may trust people again, this of course isn't surprising with what she's been through. Our amazing volunteer cat cuddler's have spent their time trying to be able to trust humans and get that much needed interaction in. They now fight for the attention and are like butter wouldn't melt, we are very happy with their progress to the point where they come out of their hides to have play with toys! They really are beautiful little souls and deserve so much love in their lives after all they've been through! They will need to go to pet free and child free homes as they have never lived with either and both just need a quiet home to come out of their shells without any distractions.

They have both been spayed, micro-chipped and 1st vacc'ed. If you are interested in giving these girls a second chance and are willing to put in a little bit more effort than the normal socialized cat then please fill out a form and speak with our re-homing manager to find out more.
This is Toby who is 6-7 years old!

Toby came in on the 5th April with 3 others after their owner sadly passed away.

Toby has been described by the volunteers as a lovely cat who does like the strokes and attention. He really does enjoy a fuss as he will roll onto his back and purr! He did arrive quite timid due to him previously living in a loving home and the move to a cattery was quite scary for him! We feel Toby will be a lovely addition to anyone's family however he has never lived with children but he has lived in harmony with a dog before.

Toby will need to see our vet next week for a check up and a vaccination refresh however he is neutered and micro-chipped. If you are interested in Toby please fill out a form!
This is Hinge!

He was brought into our care on 19th March after him and many others were rescued from a hoarder house situation in Chorley, where most of the cats have been found dangerously underweight.

Hinge is, as you can imagine, terrified. He need an understanding home which will give him time and space, the right home should not expect too much of him and should understand that he may never become friendly but he does deserve the chance of a home that cares for him. Unfortunetley we can't accept applications if you have children or existing pets due to Hinge not living with either and needing a quiet home to develop his social skills.

Hinge is microchipped, neutered and has had his 1st vaccination. If you are interested in Hinge, please make sure you have read and understood the information carefully before applying. Our re-homing manager is happy to provide you more information if you need it.
Lilly & Jasper
Lilly & Jasper
This is Lilly & Jasper who are 6 and 8 years old!

This duo came into our care on the 31st March due to their owner developing allergies towards them.

Lilly (tabby and white) is very affectionate! She loves to see one of our staff members or volunteers come into her pen to give her some strokes. Lilly loves to give head bumps and really enjoys a good bum scratch. We have no doubt she will be a really amazing little family member.

Jasper (black and white) is a little bit more on the timid side. He can be quite spooked at loud noises and will hide in his cat tower until he trusts you enough to venture out. He hasn't shown any aggression as he does enjoy a stroke and fuss. These guys are new in our care therefore haven't really fully taken in their new surroundings, therefore it may take Jasper a little bit more time to come out of his shell.

This pair aren't ready to leave us just yet as a couple of things came up on our vet visit. They are both due to go in for dentals next week and Lilly is currently on some medication for some scabs found on her back. We can accept applications for interest however please be aware that they won't be ready until they have fully recovered.

These guys can be rehomed as house cats due to them not venturing far in their old home and are to be rehomed to a home with older children due to them not living with young children before. They have both had their 1st vaccinations, been spayed/neutered and have microchips.
Gus & Bob
Gus & Bob
This is Gus & Bob who are 3 years old!

This duo came in with another pair on the 5th April due to their owner sadly passing away.

Both of these boys are still in shock after their move from a lovely household to a cattery so are taking a little bit of time getting used to their new environment. We have been told they are really friendly cats and are a bonded pair therefore we wouldn't want to re home them separately. They have lived with a dog before however not with children. They also need to be house cats - perfect for someone who lives on a busy road. Neither have shown any aggression, just a casual hiss due to them being a bit nervous however, we will update their behaviour once they are more settled.

These two have been neutered and chipped however do need to refresh their vaccinations and get a quick health check before they can go. If you are interested in this lovely pair please fill out a form and our re-homing manager will get back to you.
Kitty - Reserved
Kitty - Reserved
This is Kitty who is 5 years old!

Kitty was brought in with 3 others on the 5th April due to their owner sadly passing away.

Kitty is paired with Toby at the sanctuary however have been told she can be re-homed separately. Kitty is a really lovely girl who at the minute is a little nervous about her new surroundings as she has come from a loving home. Our volunteers have spent a little bit of time with her and says she doesn't stray too far from her bed but does love a good stroke and will roll around to show you that she loves it! We really do think she will be a little gem in a loving home. Kitty has lived with a dog before however hasn't interacted much with children.

Kitty is spayed and chipped however will need to see our vet next week for a health check and a vaccination restart. If you are interested in Kitty please fill out a form!
Spotty & Ziggy - Reserved
Spotty & Ziggy - Reserved
This is Spotty & Ziggy who are 6-7 years old!

This pair came in with 3 other cats from the same household on the 11th February after their owner couldn't cope with them anymore.

Both girls have taken a bit of time to come out of their shells. The descriptions below are from the volunteers who spent more time with them over the past few days!

Spotty (left, 6 years) is possibly the more confident out of the two and will venture out to greet you. She has been described as very affectionate and loves to chase a bootlace around her pen and then carry it off to her bed! She is very loveable and playful and will possibly be best with someone who is in most of the day as she just craves the attention. She does like to jump onto your lap for cuddles! She is quite short furred on her back legs which could of been caused by stress, therefore careful monitoring and possibly plugging in a feliway in the home would be essential.

Ziggy (right, 7 years) is the most shy out of the pair and has been described as a gentled sole. She will hide away until she thinks its safe enough to pop her head out for a very gentle stroke. Spotty has been seen to be quite protective over her friend however not in an aggressive way. Once she has gained trust she will start coming out of her shell but she will need more TLC than Spotty!

Both girls are flu carriers, therefore please take this into consideration when applying.

Both girls are to be rehomed as a pair into a pet free house, we are uncertain what they will be like around children therefore a home with older children may be more preferable. They have both been spayed and have recently been chipped and 1st vacc'ed. If you would like to register your interest and get updates on their progress please fill out a form and our Rehoming Manager will get back to you.

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