Rehoming Animals Since 2005

Rehoming a cat can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to twenty years of your life.

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we understand that all our animals’ health and well-being is paramount. We work with Vets 4 Pets in Preston Capitol Centre to ensure that all our cats and kittens receive the highest standards of care and medical treatment possible before being rehomed. This includes:

  • Veterinary Checks
  • Worming Treatment
  • Microchipping
    All of our cats and kittens leave Woodlands registered to the Sanctuary to ensure they can be re-united with their family.
  • Tests for Feline Aids and Leukemia where necessary
  • Spayed/Neutered
    All cats over 6 months old are spayed/neutered and kittens from 9 weeks to 6 months come with a neutering voucher for Vets4Pets 
  • Vaccinations
    All of our cats receive at least their first vaccination before leaving Woodlands. Any cat who has not yet received it, will also leave us with a voucher for Vets 4 Pets Preston Capitol Centre for their second vaccination. It is of upmost importance that your cat has the same type and brand of vaccine for its second vaccination as the first vaccine. Hence we ask you to return to Vets 4 Pets to get the second vaccination regardless of which veterinary practice you would normally use.

This care costs over £175 per cat to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary but rehoming a cat from Woodlands means we only ask for a donation of £95 for one and £170 for a pair.

Our Rehoming Process

All of our applications go through the same three-stage process. This helps us to ensure not only the cats safety, but that you and your new cat are the perfect match. Please also pay special attention to our rehoming rules outlined at the bottom of this webpage.

Rehoming Rules

We will not rehome an adult cat into a home where there are existing adult cats.

We ensure that no cat or kitten is released to its new home until 48 hours after its vaccination.

If there are other pets in the household i.e. dogs, we will normally recommend a kitten unless we have an adult cat who is used to living with dogs.  Dogs are able to come to the Sanctuary to be introduced to the cat.

All existing cats in any household must be neutered.

All cats and kittens that leave Woodlands Animal Sanctuary must leave with the food and litter that they are currently using here, this can be purchased from our onsite shop.

The Cats

This is Revia who is well in her teens.

Revia came into our care on the 29th March after being rescued from a hoarder house with over 70 cats living in it. She was heavily pregnant and very scared of humans.

Revia has since been spoilt with a lot of TLC from our staff and volunteers. She has come on so well and now really enjoys a brush in bed - because who wouldn't! She really enjoys her one-on-one time with our cat cuddler's, loves to purr and get her belly tickled. As she is an older girl, she isn't as playful as the younger lot and does prefer just to laze around in her cosy bed and receive all the love and attention from there. She is a timid girl, therefore gaining her trust is very important. Revia has no teeth, she came in with a mouth full of gums, but this does not put her off eating her dry biscuits one bit.

Louise one of our volunteers said - Revia is a little purry girl, she stays in her bed for strokes and particularly likes a good brush as she has no teeth to preen herself.

Revia is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed and is ready to go to her new home. She will need a home with no other pets and no children, basically a nice, quiet home where she can snuggle up in front of a fire and laze the day away!
This is Snowy who is 8 years old!

Snowy came into our care on the 3rd August after his owner sadly passed away.

Snowy is a slightly older boy than the others here at the sanctuary, he came in slightly battered and bruised as his ear is cut from possible fights. He has had a bit of TLC here and is now ready to find his new loving home. Snowy can be quite a nervous boy, however once he has gained trust he does enjoy a stroke or two.

Debbie, one of our volunteers has said: Snowy is a really lovely boy, a little shy at first but then really enjoys a head, cheek and chin rub

Snowy has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated therefore is ready to find a nice quiet home of his own. We wouldn't suggest him going to a home where there are any other pets or young children, a nice quiet household would be ideal where he could go out during the day. If you are interested in meeting Snowy to get a better view on his personality please fill out a form and Alex our re-homing manager will get in touch.
This is Archie who is approximately 1 and a half years old!

Archie came into our care on the 6th September after being found as a stray.

Archie is a very handsome, chilled cat who enjoys sitting on his Feline Fort and watching the world go by. He is a very gentle lad who will get up from his bed and greet you for a stroke. He is still a bit nervous of being in a cattery setting, however he is just a lovely, friendly lad who needs a knee to sit on.

Archie has been neutered and had his 1st vaccination and microchip. If you are interesting in coming to visit Archie please fill out a re-homing form and we will be in touch.
This is Kallum who is 5 years old!

Kallum came in with his two sisters on the 4th August after his owner could no longer look after him.

Kallum is a very sweet boy who settled in almost immediately. He, like his sisters, come down to greet you when you enter his pen. He loves attention, loves strokes and is very partial to a good bum scratch! Kallum would make an absolute perfect pet and feel he would fit into any family.

Kallum could be re-homed with dogs however we will need the dog to come onto site to test how he would react, he would also be good with children. He ha been neutered, 1st vacc'ed and micro-chipped however he is waiting on a dental. If you are interested in Kallum please fill out a form and our re-homing manager will get back to you.
Beans and Toast
Beans and Toast
Beans and Toast came in to us on the 7th September after being abandoned on the streets. They are roughly 4 but we can never be sure with strays. Toast (black/white) is the more outgoing of the two, he is always first out to greet you. Beans (grey) is also a lovely boy but can be more nervous. Both boys are very vocal and enjoy strokes and love get their noses in to everything. They get on really well with each other and would be lovely additions to a home. This adorable pair have been neutered, microchipped and are awaiting their 1st vaccination. We don't know if they get on with dogs so we would advise a pet-free household with children over the age of 12. If you like the look of these beautiful boys, please fill out an application form and we will be in touch.
Milly & Lulu
Milly & Lulu
This gorgeous pair are Milly & Lulu who are 1 and 5 years old!

These two came to us on 2nd August after their owner could sadly no longer look after them.

Milly (black) is a beautiful, dainty young girl who is extremely sweet and loving. She loves to jump up and brush herself against you and is always at the front of her pen. She enjoys the company and is the confident one out of the two as she settled in very quickly! We have no doubt she will fit in perfectly well in a new home. Lulu (black and white) is another dainty little girl who is very sweet. She not as confident as Milly as she enjoys all the hiding spots provided in her pen! She is a shy little girl who may just need to settle in a tad longer before you see her blossom. She has been described by her old owner as such a loving little girl. The pair have never lived with a dog or children. Older children may be considered however no other pets would be preferred. They are also on a gastro-intestinal diet as they had quite sensitive stomachs when they arrived.

These beautiful girls are spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped so are ready to go! They had a bad case of fleas in the past therefore their fur is slightly patchy in places where it is growing back. They are also on extra feeds due to them being quite skinny. If you are interested in this pair, please fill out a form.
Ozzy came to us on the 13th September as his owners were having a baby and they no longer wanted him. Ozzy is still very new so hasn't come out of his shell properly yet but we can tell he is a friendly boy that loves strokes and just needs some TLC to build his confidence up. He spends most of his time snuggled up in bed next to his radiator but is always up for strokes. He is quite a vocal boy and enjoys chatting to you! Ozzy is 3 years old and is neutered, microchipped and has had his 1st vaccination. He needs an indoor home with no young children or other pets. If you have an Ozzy sized hole in your life, please fill out an application form and we will be in touch.
Tim and Tilly
Tim and Tilly
This is Tim and Tilly and they are coming up for 5 months old. They came in to us on the 1st July with their 2 brothers, who are currently reserved, after being found as strays with no mum. They were all feral, underweight and riddled with fleas and cat flu when they arrived at Woodlands but are now completely healthy and desperate for their forever homes. They are flu carriers, just meaning they may become snuffly when in a stressful situation. Tim (left) had very ulcerated eyes and was blind for a short period of time as a result of the cat flu. He now has his vision back but has slightly cloudy eyes still. Tim is slightly more confident than Tilly and once he has warmed up to you, he loves a snuggle and purrs his little head off! Tilly also loves strokes but takes a little longer to come round than Tim, this is as a result of them being originally feral. We think that once they are in a home environment they will thrive and their personalities will shine through! This gorgeous pair have been microchipped and fully vaccinated and are coming up for neutering age. If you are interested in these two, then please fill out an application form.
This is Shadow who is 1 years old!

Shadow was brought in on the 7th September as he was no longer wanted.

Shadow is a lovely, cheeky lad who just needs a home to call his own. He is a friendly, sweet cat who enjoys a good cuddle! He would definitely make an amazing little addition to anyone's home. He doesn't get on well with dogs however has been absolutely fine with children.

Rachel one of our volunteers has said: Shadow is very cuddly and gives gentle head butts, but he will walk away when he's bored of you!

Shadow is neutered and had his 1st vaccination and microchip. If you are interested in extending your family, please fill out a form!
This is Jasmine!

Jasmine came into our care on the 2nd August after being trapped with her 4 young feral kittens. As she was a stray we cannot be certain on her age, however we know she is fairly young.

Considering she was a stray, Jasmine is the most loving girl ever, she is super gentle and sweet. She loves the fuss and will swivel in and out of your legs for attention. Jasmine will make a lovely part of the family! As she came off the streets we are un sure about what she would be like with a dog however do believe she would be fine with children as she doesn't show any aggression or nervousness towards anyone.

Jasmine has been spayed, microchipped and is fully vaccinated, therefore is ready to find her forever home. If you are interested in Jasmine and would like to arrange a visit please fill out a form and our re-homing manager will be in touch.
This handsome boy is Alfie who is 7 months old!

Alfie came into our care on the 6th September after being found wandering back and forth down the street. On arrival we noticed he had a chip however after finding his owner they no longer wanted him due to not getting on well with the dog in the house.

Alfie is an amazing young boy who is definitely stealing the hearts of our staff and volunteers here at Woodlands. He is a vocal boy who wants to get his own way! He settled in almost immediately and loves the attention on him! He is a massive snuggle bug who instantly jumps up on your knee and wants to give you kisses. Alfie is still in his kitten stage therefore can be extremely playful and clingy!

Jacqueline one of our volunteers said - Alfie is just gorgeous and such a little softie, really enjoys a fuss!

Alfie is neutered and microchipped and has had his 1st vaccination. If you are interested in this amazing little boy please fill out a form online and our re-homing manager will get back to you.
Florence has been with us since 10th September after she was rescued from a house with several neglected cats living in it. Florence is a quiet, timid girl but absolutely loves head strokes. She spends most of her time tucked up in bed due to being wary of the cattery setting and loud noises but adores cuddles and will hopefully come out of her shell as time goes on. She immediately purrs and will jump up for strokes. We believe she is around 18 months old. Flo is a dainty girl and is currently on extra feeds due to being on the thin side. Flo has been spayed, microchipped and had her 1st vaccination so is ready to go to her forever home. She requires a quiet home with no other pets or children under 12 due to her timid nature.
Rosie and Chico
Rosie and Chico
Rosie and Chico have been with us since the 15th September after their owner went in to hospital and left them in the house with no food. They are brother and sister and are 10 months old. These two are the sweetest pair and are always at the front of their pen ready to greet you! Due to their young age, they are very playful and need lots of attention to keep them stimulated. They need to go as a pair and would suit a home with no other pets but can live with children as they are confident cats with lots of love to give! Rosie and Chico are due to be neutered on the 23rd September and will receive their microchips and 1st vaccinations within the next week. Once they have received this, they will be ready to leave for their forever home!
Ava - Reserved
Ava - Reserved
This beautiful girl is Ava who is approximately 2 years old.

Ava was brought to us 7th September after she was abandoned on the streets with 2 others.

Ava has such a sweet personality, we can tell she will make such an amazing part of the family. She absolutely loves cuddles and fuss from anyone that will give it to her. She has been seen to knead her bed and suckle from it, this behaviour means she may have been taken away from her mum a little bit too early therefore by doing this it is comforting for her. Ava has been scooped off the streets therefore her behaviour towards other animals is unknown however we do think she'd be absolutely fine with children.

Ava came straight from her spay therefore still has a scar which is healing nicely. She is microchipped however just needs to be checked over and given her 1st vaccination on our next vet visit next week. If you are interested in adding a super cute addition to your family please fill out a re-homing form.
William & Socks - Reserved
William & Socks - Reserved
This is William & Socks who are 6 years old!

This pair came in with 3 others on 11th February due to their owner no longer wanting them.

These two are a bonded pair and are both looking for a home together. They are the most sweetest brother and sister duo who just need a home that will love them dearly. William is a big lad who loves to get the volunteers attention, he will scratch the window begging for some love! He has the sweetest meow. Socks is a little sweetheart who also loves her strokes and cuddles. These two would be a perfect addition to anyone's household as they just have so much love to give.

Socks has been found to have a mild heart murmur which at the moment doesn't require any medication however she may need it in the future. They are also both flu carriers, which doesn't really affect them very much but could flare up in stressful situations.

Christine one of our volunteers said - There is always a warm welcome from William and Socks when you enter their pen, you feel positively cherished, they are very vocal too! They will bring love and joy to any family!

Both have been fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered and are ready to go to a new home that will love them both dearly! They are on a gastro-intestinal diet as they have quite sensitive bellies. We feel these two could be re-homed with older children. If you are interested please fill out a form

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