Rehoming Animals Since 2005

Rehoming a cat can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to twenty years of your life.

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we understand that all our animals’ health and well-being is paramount. We work with Vets 4 Pets in Preston Capitol Centre to ensure that all our cats and kittens receive the highest standards of care and medical treatment possible before being rehomed. This includes:

  • Veterinary Checks
  • Worming Treatment
  • Microchipping
    All of our cats and kittens leave Woodlands registered to the Sanctuary to ensure they can be re-united with their family.
  • Tests for Feline Aids and Leukemia where necessary
  • Spayed/Neutered
    All cats over 6 months old are spayed/neutered and kittens from 9 weeks to 6 months come with a neutering voucher for Vets4Pets 
  • Vaccinations
    All of our cats receive at least their first vaccination before leaving Woodlands. Any cat who has not yet received it, will also leave us with a voucher for Vets 4 Pets Preston Capitol Centre for their second vaccination. It is of upmost importance that your cat has the same type and brand of vaccine for its second vaccination as the first vaccine. Hence we ask you to return to Vets 4 Pets to get the second vaccination regardless of which veterinary practice you would normally use.

This care costs over £175 per cat to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary but rehoming a cat from Woodlands means we only ask for a donation of £85 for one and £160 for a pair.

Our Rehoming Process

All of our applications go through the same three-stage process. This helps us to ensure not only the cats safety, but that you and your new cat are the perfect match. Please also pay special attention to our rehoming rules outlined at the bottom of this webpage.

Rehoming Rules

We will not rehome an adult cat into a home where there are existing adult cats.

We ensure that no cat or kitten is released to its new home until 48 hours after its vaccination.

If there are other pets in the household i.e. dogs, we will normally recommend a kitten unless we have an adult cat who is used to living with dogs.  Dogs are able to come to the Sanctuary to be introduced to the cat.

All existing cats in any household must be neutered.

All cats and kittens that leave Woodlands Animal Sanctuary must leave with the food and litter that they are currently using here, this can be purchased from our onsite shop.
We currently do not have any kittens available for reservation.  Please only fill out our online application if you are looking for an adult cat.  We will keep you updated on our socials when we have kittens available for reservations!  Thank you for your understanding!

Unfortunately we are closed to cat viewing appointments at the moment due to the current situation with COVID-19

The Cats

This is Peanut who is approximately 7 months old!

Peanut was brought in due to behavioural issues.

He came to us on 14th October and is now neutered, he has had all of his vaccinations and is chipped.

Since being with us, he does purr like a motorbike and does enjoy the fuss however we don't think he fully understands affection yet. He loves to play, sit on your knee, boop your nose and is your typical 7 month old cat however he will need an understanding home with people who knows he'll need his space as he can start grabbing arms and nipping. This includes no other pets in the household.

Peanut is also on a hypoallergenic diet with sensitive wet food as he has tummy upsets when put on regular food, so please take this into consideration when applying for him.
Freddie - Reserved
Freddie - Reserved
This is Freddie who is 2 years old!

Freddie came into our care on 23rd November due to the ill health of his owner.

Freddie came in with possibly flu and really bad teeth, he has had an operation and had some teeth removed and has been treated for his weepy eyes. He can still have weeping eyes therefore may be a future carrier of infectious diseases. As well as this, he has a few scabs on his back from potential allergies to fleas.

Besides this, Freddie has taken a little bit longer than other cats to settle into shelter life. He is used to people however can be very nervous when approached. Freddie is a special cat who will need a very understanding home and will give him time to come out of his shell.

Freddie is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped therefore is ready to find a home. He will need an adult only home and no other pets. He will also need to be a house cat to avoid infecting other cats.
This is Gnasher who is 10 years old!

Gnasher came into our care on the 20th December with his sister Sasha due to their owners moving house and were unable to take them with them. They have recently been separated due to fighting!

Gnasher is a very handsome black cat who is very sweet and friendly. He loves a good cuddle! He is used to nipping outside during the day, therefore will need a home where he is free to come and go when he pleases and be locking in during the night.

Gnasher is 1st vacc'ed, microchipped and neutered and is up to date with his worming and fleaing. He is available to leave us when the right home is found!
Sasha - Reserved
Sasha - Reserved
This is Sasha who is 10 years old!

Sasha came into our care on the 20th December with her brother Gnasher due to their owners moving house and were unable to take them with them. Since then they have been separated due to some fighting going on.

Sasha is quite shy and will hide away in her hides however is extremely sweet and friendly once there is trust there. Sasha has been an outdoor cat also however didn't venture out as much as her brother Gnasher and would rather laze around the house. Due to this she could either be an inside or outdoor cat.

Sasha has been 1st vacc'ed, microchipped and spayed, however during her vet check up it was obvious she needs a dental to which she will be having done before rehoming.
Bobby - Reserved
Bobby - Reserved
This is Bobby who is approximately 2 years old!

Bobby was brought to us on the 11th November with his friend Johnathon, however they have been separated due to bullying going on.

Bobby has had a bad reaction to fleas in the past therefore has balding in places. He is also quite skinny which we are working on. Apart from this, he is lovely and friendly. He can be quite shy on occasions however once he's settled with you in his presence he will come onto your knee for a stroke. Bobby is also very food orientated, therefore will tell you when he's hungry!!

Bobby will need to go to an understanding home who can work on his body condition and give him the care he deserves. Bobby is on a hypoallergenic diet at this present moment due to an upset tummy when he arrived, therefore will need to carry this on in his new home.

Bobby has been fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He is also up to date with his fleaing and worming.
Freddie - Reserved
Freddie - Reserved
This is Freddie who is 6 years old!

Freddie was signed over to us on the 22nd December due to the ill health of his owner.

Freddie is a gorgeous boy who loves a good head scratch and head boop! He loves a cuddle and is just a very loving boy. As the photo shows he is a very content, fun cat!

He has had his 1st vaccination, been microchipped and has been neutered. Freddie has got some bald patches in places on his back from allergies, they don't seem to be problematic at this time being however could be in the future, therefore this needs to be taken into consideration when applying for him.
Noodle - Reserved
Noodle - Reserved
This is Noodle who is 7 and a half years old!

Noodle came into our care on 12th September due to her owners welcoming in a new baby and being nervous with her being around.

Noodle is one of our very special cases. She can be aggressive with people that don't understand her. She comes across very sweet and innocent and lures you in for cuddles however if you go to stroke her in an area where she doesn't allow, she can swipe and bite. While being in our care, we have found that she will allow you to stroke her on her own terms, for example if she shows you her head she doesn't mind, but if you go for her bum without her say so she will tell you off! We do think this behaviour has escalated due to being in a cattery environment surrounded by other cats.

She will need a extremely understanding home where she can be left to her own devices. Her owners will need to understand she can bite and swipe but have the time to show her that humans aren't bad at all! She needs to be an indoor cat, to avoid fighting with other cats and people, she needs to be the only pet in the house and live with only adults, no children.

Noodle is also on medication for life which gets put on top of her morning breakfast, the sanctuary will continue to pay for her on going medication.

If you are interested in giving our beautiful Noodle a home, please make sure you have read all the information before applying. We will only consider homes we think suitable.

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