Rehoming Animals Since 2005

Rehoming a cat can be a rewarding and exciting experience but it is important that you understand the commitment can be anything up to twenty years of your life.

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we understand that all our animals’ health and well-being is paramount.We ensure that all our cats and kittens receive the highest standards of care and medical treatment possible before being rehomed. This includes:

  • Veterinary Checks
  • Worming Treatment
  • Microchipping
    All of our cats and kittens leave Woodlands registered to the Sanctuary to ensure they can be re-united with their family.
  • Tests for Feline Aids and Leukemia where necessary
  • Spayed/Neutered
    All cats over 6 months old are spayed/neutered and kittens from 9 weeks to 6 months come with a neutering voucher for Vets4Pets 
  • Vaccinations
    All of our cats receive at least their first vaccination before leaving Woodlands. Any cat who has not yet received their second vaccination and/or neuter, can get a discounted rate at either Ribble Vets or any Parker and Crowther practise. *

*Proof of adoption from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary will be required when claiming the discount vouchers.    


This care costs over £175 per cat to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary but rehoming a cat from Woodlands means we only ask for a donation of £95 for one and £170 for a pair.

Our Rehoming Process

All of our applications go through the same three-stage process. This helps us to ensure not only the cats safety, but that you and your new cat are the perfect match. Please also pay special attention to our rehoming rules outlined at the bottom of this webpage.

Rehoming Rules

We will not rehome an adult cat into a home where there are existing adult cats.

We ensure that no cat or kitten is released to its new home until 48 hours after its vaccination.

If there are other pets in the household i.e. dogs, we will normally recommend a kitten unless we have an adult cat who is used to living with dogs.  Dogs are able to come to the Sanctuary to be introduced to the cat.

All existing cats in any household must be neutered.

All cats and kittens that leave Woodlands Animal Sanctuary must leave with the food and litter that they are currently using here, this can be purchased from our onsite shop.

The Cats

This is Cali who is 9 years old!

Cali was brought to us on the 22nd November after his owner sadly passed away. He was passed over to a relative however it didn't work out due to circumstances.

Cali is a long haired black male who is getting a little older than our other cats for re-homing. Cali enjoys snoozing his day away in his bed but he does enjoy a good head rub and will push his head into your hand. As he is long haired he will need daily grooming just so he doesn't start to matt. Cali has lived with an elderly gentleman before therefore we advise no children and no other pets. He may also be best as an indoor cat.

Cali is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated therefore once the right home is found he can leave us. Please fill out a form if interested.
Nova & Daisy - Reserved
Nova & Daisy - Reserved
This is Nova & Daisy who are 8 months and 1 year old!

This duo came to us on the 14th October due to their owner not being able to afford their care anymore. They were riddled with fleas however have recently been clear of them!

Nova (white male) is a very handsome boy who can be a chilled boy and watch from his high up bed, other times he can be down and around your hands for a much needed stroke! He enjoys attention and a good fuss! Daisy on the other hand just craves attention! She loves being next to you and all in your face, she loves cuddles and a fuss and head bumps you. We have no issues with this pair and would love for them to find a home together.

Nova is currently on some medication which we are in the process of weaning down due to a skin irritation where he pulls lumps of fur out. He has completely recovered and are happy with his progress.

These two would be perfect for someone with children who know when to give them their space, however are are unsure on what they would be like around dogs - but can be tested. They would be best as indoor or outdoor cats where they can go out during the day.

They have recently been neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. If you are interested in a young, adorable pair then please fill out a form!
This is Poppy who is approximately 13 years old!

Poppy was re-homed by us back in September 2020 with her younger friend Bruno however was sadly brought back due to being quite stressed in the house and no longer having the tolerance for Bruno anymore!

Poppy is an older girl who just needs a loving home where she can chill her days away. She can be very sweet and enjoys a loving, gentle stroke. Poppy will need to go to a home where there are no other animals or children because this could cause her stress that she doesn't need. A feliway plug-in may also be needed in her new home just to settle her in. Poppy did have issues with her thyroids at the beginning of the year to which they have now been removed therefore is no longer an issue. She also came in quite matted, so regular grooming with a small brush would be ideal while she's curled up on the couch!

Poppy is spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. She has recently had a dental however is recovering nicely. If you are interested in meeting Poppy, please fill out a form.
Donner & Cupid
Donner & Cupid
This Mother and Daughter duo are Donner & Cupid!

These girls were brought to us on the 2nd December due to their owner sadly passing away, they went onto a relative however they were unable to cope with the 3 of them as they came with another cat Comet.

We are unsure on Donner's (tabby) age however Cupid (black and white) is approximately 6 months old. Donner is a little more chilled out and will sit up in her bed and expect you to come to her! She will purr and roll over for you to tickle her stomach, she really is a friendly girl and really enjoys a good fuss. Cupid is again extremely friendly, her purr's can be heard from the door! She is a cute little thing and enjoys cuddles and head boops. These two get on really well and will cuddle up together and clean each other therefore it would be harsh of us to split them up.

Both have recently been spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated therefore are ready to go when the right home is found for them. They can be homed with children however are unsure on dogs. They also can be indoor or outdoor cats during the day. If you are missing 2 beautiful girls in your home, please fill out a form and our re-homing manager will be in touch.
This is Munchkin who is 12 years old!

Munchkin came into our care on the 12th January after the new cats in the house started to frighten her to the point where she wouldn't come out of her hide and she would defecate on herself.

Since Munchkin came into our care she has really blossomed and is such a sweet natured cat. She is a chilled out cat and will doze away during the day but soon as you go in for the cuddles and tempt her down she absolutely loves a good fuss. She gives you kisses, headbutts and rubs up against you. She is a bit wary of noises and the other cats in the shelter therefore a home with no other pets or young children would be more suitable. Munchkin would probably be best as a house cat due to her age and nature.

Munchkin has had her 1st vaccination, micro-chip and has been spayed. She just needs to be checked over by our vet and if everything if OK she can begin to find her forever home. If you are interested in Munchkin, please fill out a form.
This is Princess who is 6 years old!

Princess came into our care on the 13th January after her previous owner sadly had to go into a care home and could no longer look after her.

Princess, as you can see from the photograph, is a larger lady than most at a hefty 7kg. She has been put on a weight management diet which we highly recommend she carry on in her new home. She also finds it hard to groom herself therefore regular brushing is essential. Despite all of this, she is a beautifully, sweet, friendly girl with lots of lot to give. She enjoys the fuss and she very much enjoys the regular grooming. While giving her strokes she will give you little licks to let you know she is enjoying it and to carry on which is the sweetest thing!

Princess is spayed however needs to be seen by our vet for her 1st vaccination and chip. If you are interested in chunky Princess and fancy helping her loose the pounds, please fill out a form and our re-homing manager will be in touch.
Ginnie - Reserved
Ginnie - Reserved
This is Ginnie who is approximately 2-4 years old!

Ginnie came to us on the 16th November after being found straying outside a chip shop begging for scraps!

Ginnie came to us with really bad skin therefore had a lot of TLC to make her better again. Since then she has really come out of her shell and she such a beautiful little girl. She is a long haired cat therefore will need grooming regularly to stop her from matting. She loves a good cuddle and will brush herself up against you to tell you to carry on. She would make such a good family cat, therefore we feel she would be perfect with children but no other pets. She can also be an indoor cat or outdoor during the day.

Ginnie is fully vaccinated, chipped and spayed therefore is ready to find herself a home. If you are interested in coming to see Ginnie please fill out a form.
This is Smudge who is approximately 2 years old!

Smudge came into our care on 28th November after straying in a warehouse and eventually being caught and brought to safety.

Smudge has been with a fosterer for a small amount of time while he was recovering from his neutering. He loves to lie next to you and enjoys a good stroke. He can get a little excitable and give you a little love bite however this has never come across aggressive. He doesn't mind being picked up and has been described as quite vocal as he demands kisses! He enjoys toys, especially the ones on a fishing rod! We feel he would suit a home with no children and no other pets however may need to be an outdoor cat.

Smudge is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. He has had a dental with us which meant removing his two front canine's. If you would like to meet Smudge, please fill out a form and we can organise an appointment.
Nyx - Reserved
Nyx - Reserved
This is Nyx who is approximately 1 year old!

Nyx has been here since 13th October 2021 due to being found with no owner. She has been at the sanctuary for a long time due to discovering she was pregnant! She went on to have her 4 adorable little babies here. They have now fled the nest and Nyx is looking for her perfect home to wind down in.

Nyx is still a young girl therefore has a lot of energy! She is such a friendly cat and you can do anything with her, she doesn't mind a rough cuddle or being picked up, she is happy for the company! She instantly greets you at the door and runs for her food. She is quite playful so will need a lot of enrichment to stop her from being bored! She would be best suited for an outdoor home as she does try to escape at any given opportunity, she definitely taught her kittens this naughty habit! Nyx would be fine with children but are un sure on dogs but can be tested upon request.

Nyx is 1st vaccinated and is due in on 7th for spay and chip. If you are interested in meeting Nyx please fill out a form.
This is Pudding who is 2 years old!

Pudding was brought to us just before Christmas on the 22nd December due to inappropriate defecating and the owners couldn't cope.

Pudding is a really lovely, affectionate cat who likes to greet you and rub up against you. She enjoys sitting on your lap and getting a lot of fuss! She has been known to let you know when she has had enough therefore we don't feel young children would be an ideal fit. While being with us we have got her toilet habits under control and she now uses a open topped litter tray. A home where she can go outdoors would be ideal and older children who know when to give her her space.

Pudding has had her 1st vaccination, microchip and has been spayed. We feel it would be beneficial to meet Pudding as she is such a sweet girl. Please fill out a form and our re-homing manager will get back to you.
Albert - Reserved
Albert - Reserved
This is Albert who is 9 years old!

Albert came into our care on the 28th December after being spotted straying around a block of flats in Southport. It was thought his owner had sadly passed away and he was fending for himself.

Albert is a big lad however has the sweetest personality to match. He enjoys lounging round in his bed and expects you sometimes to go to him for the strokes. As he is a little bit older than some of our other cats he is quite a chilled out boy and isn't as playful. He is super friendly, enjoys a fuss and we can tell he would quite enjoy just curling up next to you on the sofa keeping you company. We think Albert would be quite OK with being an indoor cat however as he is quite familiar with the outdoors, either would be fine as long as it is away from a busy road. He would also be ideal for a family with older children and no other pets.

Albert is 1st vacc'ed, chipped and neutered therefore is ready to go to his forever home once the perfect one is found for him! If you would like to visit Albert, please fill out a form.
Millie & Flash
Millie & Flash
This is Millie & Flash who are between 2-4 years old!

This duo came to us on the 15th January after the new baby in the house made them quite nervous and ended up not getting along with it.

Millie (3 1/2 years, on the left) is a beautiful girl who is the more confident out of the pair. She is a little more chunkier than Flash but this doesn't stop her bouncing all over the place. She is super friendly who adores strokes and fuss and being centre of attention. Flash (2 1/2, on the right) hasn't found his feet her at the shelter just yet. He is very friendly though and enjoys a good fuss and stroke. We think after a couple more days he will come out of his shell, however his surroundings are so new at the moment. These two aren't related however are a bonded pair therefore need to go together. They would best suit a home with no young children or other pets.

These guys are neutered and chipped however need to see the vet for vaccinations and health checks. If you are interested in a friendly pair of tabbies, please fill out a form.

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