Remember us in your Will

Legacy donations allow us to plan for the future in a way that no other gift can. Donations left to the Sanctuary via your will are a great way to guarantee that your support continues when you are no longer here to help in person.

If you would like to discuss this with us please give us a call on 01704 823293 We can provide you with the information you may need and signpost you to the appropriate services. We would recommend that you consult a solicitor for advice on making a will and leaving a gift or legacy to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary.

Even the smallest of gifts in your Will can ensure that we can make a big difference to the animals we care for. Sometimes people believe they have nothing to leave in their Will or that a gift in your Will needs to be a large amount. This is simply not the case. Woodlands has received gifts ranging from small to large amounts and we appreciate each and every penny received in this way.

People choose to remember us in their Will in several different ways:

  • A Residual Gift – this is what is left of your estate after any specific legacies have been made. You can give all or a portion of this as a gift.
  • A Specific Gift – An item, jewellery, an antique or even a property.
  • A Pecuniary Gift – A set amount of money

A Solicitor will be able to talk through the options that are right for you and your circumstances.

Changing a Will

If you’ve already made a Will you can add a gift to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary by drawing up a codicil (simple addition to your will) then simply send it to your solicitor who should not charge you for adding it to your existing Will.

More Information

If you decide that you would like to support Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in this way or would like more information, please do let us know by calling 01704 823293 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please remember to give our registered charity number 1108626 to your Solicitor or Will writer when you make your Will to ensure any gift you decide to leave will reach us.
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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