There are other ways to help us out at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary other than Volunteering and Fundraising!

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, we welcome anyone who would like to help us!  Whether that be via donating items or designing leaflets, all of your efforts go towards either raising money for the Sanctuary or helping the animals directly.
Animal Carer

Things you can do

Below are different suggestions on how you can help us raise money or help the animals directly
  • Donating toys, beds, bowls etc.
  • Donating tinned cat food
  • Donating towels and blankets
  • Donating whole or hand-shredded newspaper
  • Donating handmade items that we can sell in our shop or during Open Days
  • Donating chocolate, books, wine or spirits, bath sets etc.
  • Designing leaflets for Open Days and Events
  • Offering to take professional pictures or portraits as prizes for our Raffles during our many events
  • Sponsoring an animal for yourself or as a gift
  • Baking and donating cakes for the Open Days or other Fundraising events
  • Make a standing order donation
  • Talk and recommend us to friends and family

Volunteer at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

If you  want to be more hands on with rasing money for the sanctuary or getting your hands dirty with the animals, simply visit our volunteering page and fill out the online form!

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