The Feline Fort®, which was developed by the charity Cats Protection, is the perfect way to allow cats to display natural behaviours, thus decreasing stress

Work has just begun (Feb 2020) on building our new, state of the art Cattery.  With months of planning, and receiving a hugely generous grant from Support Adoption for Pets, we are more than excited to get the ball rolling.
Whilst we have been given funding for the new Cattery itself, money for the ground works, plumbings etc. and furnishings of the Cattery need to be raised by us (estimated in the region of £50,000).

We are thrilled that we have come this far and we are hoping that we may be able to ask you, our wonderful supporter, to help us with one last push.

Whilst it would be too easy to ask for just your money, we thought we would be a bit more direct on what your money would be spent on!
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Introducing The Feline Fort®!

The Feline Fort is a type of furnishing that is composed of multiple parts that all serve a similar purpose; encouraging and maintaining natural behaviour in a pen or hospitalised setting.
Here are more benefits below:
  • The Feline Fort® is a three-piece unit consisting of a cat step, table and hide that enables cats to express natural behaviours such as hiding & climbing. In doing so it helps to reduce stress that can be felt by cats when they are kept in confined conditions (such as a pen).

  • It increases their territory and allows them to view their surroundings from different heights, all of which helps them feel safe & secure.

  • The Feline Fort® pieces can be used individually or together as a whole unit in a variety of configurations
  • It is made from premium UV stabilised polyethylene; an extremely durable material. It will not crack or discolour, will stand up to most chemicals, is very easy to clean and will last us for many years
  • It easy to furnish with blankets and pillows, making it easy for cats to find a comfortable spot to lounge or hide in
  • Due to the material, it is easy to disinfect and thus prevent the spread of disease

What you can do to help...

We are asking you, our generous supporters to be a part of our new Cattery by helping us to kit it out with 30 Feline Forts® before our Grand Opening in July 2020.
Each Fort, with a Charity Discount, costs £115!  But with the outlined benefits above, it's well worth the costs and we are persuing this under the advice of our Veterinary Surgeon.
If you would like to help by buying one or even two Feline Forts®, please click the button below!  Thank you!
Feline Fort

If you would like to help out furnishing the new Cattery, but can't spare the £115 for the Feline Fort®, why not check out our Amazon wishlist? All new furnishings will be used to make the Cattery as homely as it can be!

Or if you would like to donate a part of the cost of a Feline Fort®, why not send a donation amount of your choice to our Paypal Account? Make sure you put the Reference as 'Feline Fort®' so we can add it to the pot!

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