At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary our fully trained staff are available to visit local schools to provide education and enrichment in the classroom.

Our staff work daily with each animal and have developed amazing relationships with them meaning they are incredibly knowledgeable about their welfare and conservation. Each school visit can consist of between one and three species of animal, from our hedgehogs, goats, ponies or donkeys!

What is included?

A school visit provides children with:

  • Exciting hands on actives providing education and enrichment in the classroom.
  • An opportunity to ask experts about UK wildlife and how they can help with conservation.
  • A Woodlands Animal Sanctuary pack, containing information about our sanctuary, how to save hedgehogs and other wildlife alongside an activity sheet based around the visit.

Our Programmes

One class £45
Two classes £60
Three classes £70

Goats and Hedgehogs
One class £70
Two classes £100
Three classes £120

Goats, Donkeys and Hedgehogs
One class £120
Two classes £140

Health and Safety

Here at Woodlands we believe in your safety, hand washing facilities/hand sanitizer gels are available throughout both school visits and sanctuary visits to ensure that any germs are eliminated. A risk assessment form for your chosen types of visit, specifically made for Woodlands, will be provided to you before the visit date. At Woodlands we recognise our duties under current health and safety legislation and we work hard to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Enquire about our Education Programme

For more information on our education programme or to book an education programme please contact us by clicking the link below. You can also download our educational brochure from the link below.

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