At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary we believe education is vital for animal welfare and the future of our country’s wildlife.

Giving our younger generation the opportunity to experience animals in a hands-on environment can be an effective form of educational enrichment. Allowing them to empathise with a species can allow them to open their minds to how their decisions can affect others.

We currently run two kinds of outreach programmes:

School Visits

School Visits

We will visit your school with 1, 2 or 3 species of animal with a programme tailored to your needs.
Sanctuary Visits

Sanctuary Visits

Unfortunately, onsite visits are currently on hold.  This is due to the building work that will be commencing for the new Cattery.  Onsite visits will continue at the earliest on July 2020.

Hedgehogs are wild nocturnal animals, who are becoming more and more endangered.

Allowing children to experience this species first hand is not only a rare exciting educational opportunity, but we also find that children retain a wide range of details which can help save a hedgehog’s life in the future.

In 2014 we increased our outreach efforts and as a result we saw an increase in the number of injured or sick hedgehogs brought to the sanctuary as a result of a child who attended one of our awareness sessions.

Brownies, Guides and Scouts

We understand that many groups for young people spend their time working towards badges in groups such as Brownies, Scouts and the Girl-guides. At Woodlands our educational visits offer a great opportunity to help young people achieve their badges. For example, we teach children about hedgehog rehabilitation and endangered animals, helping them to achieve the friend to an animal or animal active badge offered at brownies and the guides.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are also extremely grateful to those who may be able to fundraise for us. We are aware many groups for young people are always enthusiastic to help local charities with fundraising and volunteering and this has always worked well for both us and the group. If you and your group are able to help us with fundraising, please contact us to arrange this. Our visits offer the opportunity to get up close to endangered species and ask our experts for any advice and information regarding wildlife and domestic pets. We also include fantastic hands on activities.

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