Would you give up your morning coffee for an animal in need?

Animal Carer

Our new Kick-a-Coffee fundraiser is an easy and fun way to donate the money you would normally spend in a coffee shop to a charitable cause!
We are asking you to simply give up 1 cup of coffee a week and instead donate that money here at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, to help care for our sick, injured and unwanted animals!

A coffee can cost as little as 99p to £3 (depending on how fancy your coffee taste is)!

Animal Carer
Every donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference to an animals life. The price of a coffee could feed one hedgehog or if you are feeling generous add the price of a slice a cake and it could feed a handful of our cats! 

So why not put the caffine and calories away and spend it on something that will make a difference this 2022! 

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