Merlin has another update for you all!

Hi folks!

Me again. Merlin. Though you can’t have forgotten that already. I’m too important for you to forget my name! I want to take a few minutes of your time and complain about the 2-legs. There I was minding my own business in the field when they came to catch me. There I was thinking I’d get to have a snooze in my lovely comfy bed when it happened. Betrayal! Betrayal of the highest order! They’re all traitors!


Suppose I’d better explain what happened so that you understand the trauma these 2 legged menaces put me through. They took me straight past the stable block and up the ramp of the metal box on wheels. I think I’ve heard them call it a ‘horsebox’. I don’t know why you would have boxes for horses because that’s much more of a cat thing. I don’t speak a lot of human so maybe I misunderstood. Once I was on the moving thing they made it smaller by putting metal gates next to me! I had plenty of space but surely they knew I’d have preferred the whole lot to myself! I tried to protest my downsized space but I’m not tall enough to climb over the hurdles. Rotten 2 legs. Then I heard them put Bert and Ernie, two of our goats on the back and shut all the doors. The ramp went up and I was plunged into darkness before we set off.


Now I was hoping that when we stopped I’d get off and be in heaven. I pictured a huge field, with grass that came up to my ears where I could just eat and run and sleep and eat. And then maybe eat some more. Sadly the 2-legs aren’t that nice. Instead I stepped off the ramp and was confronted by tiny little 2-legs. I’ll admit they were cute and I think they would be much easier to train than the tall ones but I wasn’t allowed to bring any home. Apparently they were not for adoption and belonged to other big 2-legs. I also wasn’t allowed to bite anyone which was no fun at all. After the young’uns had a stroke and made a fuss I was put back on the moving van. I still didn’t get to go to a great big field! The 2-legs took me home instead where I have to share my grass with all the others. I taught them though. I ducked under the fence and had the whole of the next field all to myself! I haven’t decided yet if I’ll let them catch me again. I might just give them the run around for a few days….