black cat

Meet Winston


Winston had a really rough start in life....

I know we keep going on about it but black cats really do take a lot longer to be rehomed than any other colour.  Wonderful Winston has been with us for nearly 12 months now and has been through such a lot in his short life.  We all wish he could find his own loving forever home.  Winston came to us with his starved mum and siblings, who were all very under nourished and therefore had to be split up straight away in order to give them all the best chance of survival.  Not only does care like this cost us a lot of money in vets’ fees and medication, but also in manual hours and perhaps most exhaustingly in emotion!  This litter has caught the attention of the whole team here at Woodlands and all of us have willed these guys to beat the odds and live a happy healthy life.  We are proud to say that we were able to save all but one of the kittens in this story.

After all the initial nursing, these kittens developed a virus which caused our whole cat unit to be shut down on isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.  As you can imagine this only adds to the workload and stress that all the animal care assistants have to deal with on a daily basis.  The team here and our loyal volunteers were fantastic in their support of the management of the virus and despite all the inconveniences we were able to clear the unit again very swiftly.

Winston then went on to suffer from a slipping patella and so needed to undergo surgery to correct it.  Again this little soldier of cat came back to full fitness and to see him now you would never know that there was a period of time when he was unable to weight bare at all on that leg.  Amongst all of this we have also struggled to find a food which agrees with Winston.  We do finally have him settled on a quality dry cat food and as you can see from the pictures he is thriving, has a very inquisitive nature and zest for life.  If you think your life is simply missing a Winston in it then please do contact us at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary to find out more information about him and our re-homing process.  Either visit our website or call us on 01704 823293.