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Black and white is the new tabby

Our re-homing shelter is over three quarters full of black, and black and white cats.

Spring has very nearly sprung and we are all looking forward to long hot days and holidays in the sun. However, it would seem that the spookiness of Halloween is never truly far from our minds - because at the moment, here at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary our re-homing shelter is over three quarters full of black, and black and white cats.

Black, and Black and White cats take on average 80% longer to find their forever loving home than any other colour of cat we take in. Our running costs are in the region of £3000 per week and as much as we all love the company of our cute black and black and white cats and kittens – unfortunately, the longer a cat or kitten stays with us, the longer our waiting list becomes.

We can only surmise that this is due to superstitions and the connection of black cats to all things wicked, that keeps these cute and playful cats and kittens with us for what can sometimes be months on end. We constantly have to reassure them that it really isn’t personal and that we love them dearly when, week after week they have to watch their friends, neighbours’ and siblings set off on their journeys to their new homes.

Wan't to know more about the black, and black and white cats available for rehoming? Visit our rehoming page.

If I have managed to raise your interest in a cat that you may have otherwise dis-regarded then why not bring the hopefully delightful child(ren) in your life, (please do ask their parents’ permission if they are not yours!) along to our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 15th April where they will be able to join in our Easter Bonnet competition and our soon to be famous Easter Egg hunt. There will also be egg decorating, children’s games and a bouncy castle for them to enjoy, while you sit back, relax and enjoy spectating at our fun dog show, whilst munching on a burger from our delicious BBQ or tasty treat from our hot vegan stand before browsing the various stalls that will be here on the day.