Hedgehog highway

Hedgehogs will soon be waking up from hibernation so now is the perfect time to make your very own hedgehog highway!

Did you know that a hedgehog can roam up to 2 miles in a single night when in search of food?

Hedgehogs waking up from hibernation will be very hungry and thirsty and they need YOUR help to get around this spring! If your garden is enclosed then hedgehogs won't be able to access the resources in your garden and may need to travel on the road to get around. It is much easier and safer for them to use garden hedgehog highways to find enough food to survive.

Hedgehog holes are simple to make and you can follow our quick guide to make sure the hedgehogs in your area thrive!

A hole 13cm by 13cm will be big enough for any hedgehog to pass through safely and is easily created by marking out a hole big enough for them then cutting the wood away.

If you have brick walls you can simply remove a brick from the bottom, or even dig a channel underneath if you have gates or concrete plinths.

Almost any garden can be easily transformed into a hedgehog highway and be sure to chat to your neighbours and encourage them to do the same! You can also discover how to make sure your garden is hedgehog friendly by clicking here. The more gardens we can open up to hedgehogs the better chance they have of survival out in the wild.

We have lost 1/3 of urban hedgehogs in the last 10 years, but you can make a difference and give our prickly friends the helping hand they need this spring.