Spring Babies during Covid-19

As spring time has arrived, we are preparing to care for a copious amount of babies and pregnancies.  From pregnant mums, rescued stray mums with kittens, abandoned kittens and even uprooted or abandoned hoglets.  We have already started looking after a mum and her five kittens and two heavily pregnant mums who are due to pop at any moment!
Baby hoglets will soon be popping up, from single babies to entire litters, and often these babies will need round the clock care from our Staff members.
Below you can read all the things that our Staff member do to provide quality care for these babies and their mums!

How we provide quality and lifesaving work for our baby animals

  • Making sure that kittens are feeding from mum where possible
  • Providing mum with additional feeds to ensure she maintains her weight, so that she can still produce enough milk for her kittens
  • Hand rearing when mum is not around.  This occurs every two hours
  • Providing an additional pen for the kittens so they can roam and explore, helping them to develop into strong cats
  • Providing any medication needed, as abandoned kittens are often more susceptible to disease
  • Spaying mum after she has stopped producing milk, this helps prevent any unwanted litters in the future
  • Providing socialisation which is a major part of cat development.  This is harder to do now as we are currently are on lockdown from volunteers.  As this is a very time intensive (and very satisfying) job to fit in amongst the rest of our daily duties and is made harder by being without our wonderful volunteers. 
  • Providing 2 hourly feeds around the clock to hoglets, which includes taking them home
  • Toileting hand rearers and looking out for any possible signs of disease
  • Provding a heat source around the clock, as babies can loose heat quickly
  • Providing a pristine growing environment which allows the babies to develop to their full potential
  • Monitoring hoglet poo samples, as parasites can transfer through the womb, and taking the next steps to prevent complications due to that

How you can Support Us

As you can probably guess, supplies used to help look after our baby animals run out at lightning speed, as we have many tiny mouths to feed.  This comes at a cost, and therefore we would be incredibly grateful for any donations you can provide.  Especially at this time, because we are unable to continue with our usual fundraising events.
Whether this is a cash donation, or a donation of kitten weaning and kitten and puppy milk, every donation helps!

Our Social Media...

We try to keep our social media sites up to date with day to day progress of our babies where we can so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to hear our latest news and to see what your donations are being used for!

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