Meet the Team

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary our dedicated team are invaluable in rehabilitating and caring for our animals.

All of our team members are qualified in animal management or animal care and together dedicate over 500 hours a week to caring for our animals.

Meet our Animal Care Managers

Alex Fisher

I am an Animal Care Manager and I have been at Woodlands for 12 years now! I have a national diploma in animal care and NVQ level 1 and 2! I have a love of all animals...

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Amanda Killingbeck

I have worked at Woodlands for 7 years. I started as a volunteer but soon became an apprentice and achieved my NVQ level 2 and level 3 in Animal Care...

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Sally McDerby

I have been at Woodlands since 2011, I have overall charge of all equines and their training along with my duties of personal development management for the staff...

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Meet our Animal Care Team

Holly Abram

I first started at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in 2014 doing night checks for the animals, after around a year I was offered a full time job as an animal carer...

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Louise Doyle

I started at Woodlands in 2015 as a volunteer on the stables side of the sanctuary. I have recently completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Equine Science....

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Alisha Fry

I love all animals and working at Woodlands to care for, rehabilitate and re-home all of the animals is so rewarding. I am now working towards achieving....

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Hannah Elizabeth

I started working at Woodlands in 2017 and have completed a Level 3 extended diploma in animal management....

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Meet our Office and Reception Team

Terry Parry

Like all the staff at Woodlands, I have a history of loving animals. Beginning early with guinea pigs and rabbits, later dogs and cats, and presently chickens and bees....

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Meet our Trustees

David Ashcroft

I started at Woodlands as a volunteer in 2006. I am a lover of all animals & I look after the IT and website at Woodlands...

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Liz Gould

I have been involved with Woodlands since 2010 when I was asked to help out at a Christmas collection in a local supermarket...

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Lynne Saunders

I became a Trustee for Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in 2011. I have extensive experience of both the business and charity sectors...

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Steve Saunders

I am Jacqui McDerby's brother, and I was brought up with a wide variety of animals. I became a trustee in 2011...

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Stuart Irons

I became a Trustee at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in 2009, after having adopted three cats from the charity the previous year...

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Vickie Maude

I have been with Woodlands since the beginning! Before Woodlands was founded by my mother and myself we ran a Cats Protection branch...

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Alison Speakman

I am a veterinary surgeon with 27 years’ experience and currently work at Rufford Veterinary Group....

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