As you will probably know, we at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary take in unwanted, neglected and injured cats, with a view rehoming them to a loving forever home.  Well what happens when forever doesn’t last forever?  We always ask, that if for any reason, a fosterer no longer wants the cat they rehomed from us that the cat is always returned to us.

We at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are excited and pleased to announce that we are now running a lottery with your chance to win up to £25,000.00 every week!  We are delighted to be able to run this lottery with Unity Lottery from as little as £1 per week.  There are 4 different winning options and because Unity has fixed odds – they are able to offer the best odds of any platform of its kind.

Winter seems to be really setting in this week and as such our team are ensuring that all of our animals stay dry, snuggly and warm.  The winter months see the animals at the sanctuary spend more time in their homes, stables & hutches and as such the charity spends even more money on straw for bedding.  They spend approximately £3,400 annually on hay and straw for the animals in their care.

There are so many good causes out there that it is impossible to support them all & extremely difficult to choose between them which invariably leads to not supporting anyone.  We at Woodlands are aware of this, but we also depend upon the donations and fundraisers that are held to continue the work that they do.

Hi everyone, my name is Sassy and I have been at Woodlands for 5 months!  I believe the hoomans have taken the liberty of writing about myself and my fellow mums who I am living with at the moment. They have done this without even asking us! But, I may let it go this time as I’ve been told they did it to try to find us our own hoomans to go & live with.  It’s also been suggested to me that they will even vet the new hoomans to check that they will look after us nicely and not abandon us again….that just seems like a fairy tale though.

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