We at Woodlands are very aware of the extended team, who give us so much help and support and are a crucial part of our success – and so it is to our extended team we are turning now in looking for a storage unit for donated items.

Our team at Woodlands come across many different scenarios where cats become unwanted and at times neglected, before they are able to find sanctuary with us.  However, some situations can pull at the heart strings of the our experienced team more than others.


Greebo by name and looks but not Greebo by nature!  We at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary welcomed Greebo into our care in January this year; a loving, and now trusting mature gentleman, Greebo is consistently over looked for a forever loving home of his own in favour of his conventionally beautiful & younger neighbours.  The name is very apt for his looks, even down to his folded ears, but that is where the similarities end, if you are familiar with Terry Pratchett's Discworld books in which Greebo features.  

From 3-9th May this week it’s Hedgehog week and as such we at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary wanted to mark the event with a weeklong homage to our spiky friends.  From fun facts, to hints and tips for you, so you can help to help them, follow our Facebook page to see a themed post each day this week. 

Hedgehogs are native to this country & have in fact been treading our soils since the last ice age! But, recently their numbers had dropped to a worrying low.  With a lot of help, and a nationwide effort, however, their numbers have begun to increase.

Since the Coronavirus and resulting social restrictions, we have taken our lead from the government and other leading organisations as to how best to continue providing the service we do.  The rehoming of cats and guinea-pigs had therefore ceased, in line with these guidelines.  However, DERFA have now released updated guidelines, which allows us to once again rehome animals, albeit through a slightly altered process, which still adheres to the Social Distancing guidelines.

If you are a supporter of Woodlands Animal Sanctuary or even just someone who cares about nature and wildlife you will probably already know that if you see a hedgehog out during daylight hours, then something it wrong with it.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal and as such should only be out and about during the hours of darkness.

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