As blossom is making an appearance and everywhere is looking greener and greener, we have seen glimpses of sunshine and warmer weather & our thoughts are turning to all things summery.  The same can also be said for the animal world, warm winter coats are being shed, hibernation is a thing of the past, more time can be spent outside and families are often expanded upon!

Hello! I’m Freya! My human unfortunately is no longer around which is why I’m being looking after by some other lovely humans here at the sanctuary!  

Let’s start with the obvious.. I’m one big kitty! I love my food and especially the tasty treats I got given, but the humans here at the sanctuary tell me it isn’t healthy, so I they told me I have to watch my weight! Rude right!?

The first of Woodlands Animal Sanctuary’s five open days of the year is fast approaching and it’s a great way to round off the Easter break.  With a free Easter Egg hunt (for under 10’s), Easter bonnet competition, fun dog show, egg decoration station, children's games & bouncy castle, tombola and stalls galore, it promises to be a super day out for all the family.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary take in sick, unwanted and abandoned animals, and specialise in cats and hedgehogs.  With cats in particular this is without any monetary donation.  As a self-funded, independent charity, this can at times put considerable pressure on their purse strings when things are not always as they seem with animals they take in.

Hello Humans! My name is Harry and I have been chilling here at Woodlands since September!  I was asked to tell you all a little about myself so here I am! One of the humans that works here at Woodlands found me on the street and began to look for my owner while keeping an eye on me. One day she came to check on me and found some nasty kids throwing stones at me, so she took me home and looked after me. It was then discovered that my previous owners had moved house and left me behind! So I came to Woodlands to look for a new, loving family.

Hedgehogs are primarily insectivores which means they eat whatever is available, which can include slugs, worms, beetles, caterpillars and even the occasional frog! They are also lactose intolerant, so it is very important for them to avoid any dairy products. Overall they are very picky eaters!

Hello everyone! My name is Charlie and I am currently living here at Woodlands with my best friend Elvis! We arrived at Woodlands back in August after our owner fell ill and was put into a care home. We spent 18 months in a boarding cattery before it was decided that it was best if we looked for a new home. When we arrived it was very scary because a lot of things had changed in our lives.

Hey everyone, it’s Pearl again! You might remember me from many weeks ago when I told you all about my kittens that had just been born. Motherhood was hard for me at first, but thanks to the dedication of all the humans here at woodlands, my babies are now all big and beautiful and have gone to their new homes!!

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are very pleased to be able to announce that a new hedgehog pre-release unit has been built in their stable block. This is in addition to the existing hog unit they have and will enable hogs of a certain weight, who are getting ready to be released to be moved out of the unit where they have been rehabilitated and into intermediary accommodation until either the weather permits or a suitable soft release site has been found.


Hey guys, remember me? Of course you do! So anyway, Shadow here and the humans have asked me to write to all of my fans again, since you all loved me so much the first time – obviously!


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