You may remember back in July that we at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary issued a plea on behalf of Bobby, the gentle black and white gentleman with no tail for a loving new home?  Well, he was reserved not long after that and went to his new home last month!

Would you like to play the lottery but don’t feel like you have a good enough chance of winning?  By playing the lottery that we, Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, run in conjunction with Unity Lottery you have a 1 in 63 chance of winning a prize from one of the four winning combinations and a fabulous 50% of the money you spend on the lottery will go straight to us so we can continue our life saving and life changing work.  This will directly affect more than 1000 animals per year that we welcome through our door and have in our care.

Guinea Pigs could possibly be classed as one of the cuter and cuddlier types of rodent – depending on how you feel about rats and mice!  The origins of their name are unclear, but what is clear is that they are indeed very chatty and very loving little animals and as such can make very good pets for children, and adults alike!  We at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary also take in, unwanted, abandoned and neglected guinea pigs, rehabilitate them, neuter where needed (this unfortunately tends to be more frequently than not) and rehome them to suitable and vetted homes.

A hog out in the day in NOT OK.

This is a message that our team from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary have been repeating for years and it is still as important and needed now as it was then.  Hedgehogs, whilst being native to this country are nocturnal mammals and as such this means that their normal healthy behaviour should see them out & about and active at night, but sleeping during the day.

After a very busy and wet Saturday our team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary could give ourselves a very well deserved pat on the back as the move into our new cattery was completed and we could start to live the dream!

There has been a lot of excitement here at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary over the last almost twelve months to the day, since being awarded a grant from Support Adoption for Pets for a brand new cattery, including rehoming, maternity, residents and isolation blocks.  And at the end of this week we are planning to move all their cats into their new accommodation! 

If you are a follower of us at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary on Facebook you may well have seen that we have been looking for a very specialised home for a very special moggy.  Piglet, who is a sphynx, came into our care back in April – after a pedigree breeder found her abandoned in a box on her doorstep.  On arrival she was exhibiting signs of Cat Flu, but that has now been treated and she has received her first vaccination, been spayed and microchipped.

We at Woodlands are very aware of the extended team, who give us so much help and support and are a crucial part of our success – and so it is to our extended team we are turning now in looking for a storage unit for donated items.

Our team at Woodlands come across many different scenarios where cats become unwanted and at times neglected, before they are able to find sanctuary with us.  However, some situations can pull at the heart strings of the our experienced team more than others.


Greebo by name and looks but not Greebo by nature!  We at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary welcomed Greebo into our care in January this year; a loving, and now trusting mature gentleman, Greebo is consistently over looked for a forever loving home of his own in favour of his conventionally beautiful & younger neighbours.  The name is very apt for his looks, even down to his folded ears, but that is where the similarities end, if you are familiar with Terry Pratchett's Discworld books in which Greebo features.  

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