And it's a full house once again

Once again we have got a full cattery which means you have a superb opportunity to find the purfect feline for your home.  We have pairs, singles, older cats and young ones, those who require a more experienced home and even a diabetic who is finally stable enough to look for his loving forever home. 

So if you've been thinking about welcoming a cat into your life or have been tempted by other people’s stories about their furbaby’s please do get in touch.  Welcoming a cat into your life, especially one from a rescue centre like us can be incredibly rewarding. 

And whilst the majority of sayings about cats being independent, you belonging to them rather than vice versa are generally true – it does not mean that they aren’t loving, fabulous company and often a source of great comfort, not to mention one of the fluffiest, most comforting hot water bottles you could find!  *Disclaimer; not all cats see themselves as a hot water bottle – some may see themselves more on a par with Mike Tyson – but as they say; its horses for courses or cats in this case! 

So, if you don’t currently have a cat in your home (we will not rehome adult cats into a house where there is an existing adult cat), you can afford all the usual costs involved with owning a pet (annual vaccinations, flea and worming medications) & all the unforeseen ones which could be a mystery illnesses or injury, are happy to commit to this addition for possibly the next 15 years, have the time in your life, the love in your heart & the patience to welcome another sole into your home – then please visit our website to see all the cats we have available for rehoming.  You will need to fill in the application form.   
Equally, if you have any questions, you can give us a call and talk to Alex, our experienced rehoming Officer.   

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