Kitten Season 2021 has begun!


We have been beginning to turn our thoughts to warmer weather, sunnier days and the influx of babies - both of the furry and spikey variety, but we have already welcomed our first couple of kittens and they require round the clock care.At the end of February we were made aware of two kittens living in a garden in Liverpool.  It took three rescues all pulling together, but the kittens have now arrived with us and they will be fed by hand every two hours, around the clock to ensure they transition to life away from mum with as few issues as possible. 

The adorable sisters are weighing in at four weeks old and have received some medication already, but it is a case of seeing if any symptoms of illnesses develop over the next few days.  They both had slightly sticky eyes on admittance and are now sneezing, so they are currently on a course of antibiotics with an eye cream too for flu.  

A few days in and they have just started to lap food, which does give their carers some relief from around the clock feeding!  But committing to two hourly feeds even for 18 hours a day is still a big deal. 

However,  this is one of the reasons we do what we do and we wouldn’t actually have the sleepless nights any other way.  It can be quite common to see kittens poking out from the tops of the animal carers as they keeping warm and snuggly if they are no longer with their mum! 


If you would like to donate towards their care visit we would be incredibly grateful - you can donate quite simply by clicking the donate link on the home page here. 

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