Naughty Tortie

If you’ve had one, you’ll know, if you work in the veterinary sector you’ll know and if you haven’t had the privilege yet; ignorance is bliss!  What are we talking about?  The well-used saying of naughty tortie amongst cat owners and vets!  There are similar sayings to this for dogs and horses and it is simply a generalisation, a bit like an old wives tale, that encourages you to be aware of, what some may call, naughty behaviour from tortoiseshell cats.  However, if you speak to a vet – you will probably find that they say it is very accurate! 


Woodlands Animal Sanctuary have found themselves with two stunning tortoiseshell cats who can, certainly at times live up to these claims.  This can unfortunately make rehoming them incredibly difficult.  Everyone has a perception of how an animal will behave, and not only that, but also of their own level of tolerance to those behaviours.  And it is not uncommon for those perceptions to be just that, an expected or estimated level of tolerance with real life, like with a lot of things, being very different - especially once those rose-tinted glasses have cleared.  


So, once again, Sybil & Pesto are looking for forever home, homes who will love them despite them being Naughty Torties!  Now, naughty does not mean nasty or vicious.  Nor indeed, does it mean that they spend every waking hour being unruly.  It does however, mean that their loving forever homes, need to be loving of their temperaments and allow them the freedom they need, with a level of lenience, towards their furniture and possessions with perhaps any favourite ornaments or those with sentimental value moved to a place a cat is not able to jump on and accidentally knock off.  Sharing a home with a tortie means you are not only giving them a roof over their heads, but you also need to be willing to share any other pets, possessions and clothing with them.   


As beautiful as these cats are, and as lovely as the idea is to save these feisty independent women from life in a cat shelter, any prospective homes for these two need to be certain that they can tolerate all the tortitude that is dropped, clawedclimbed or thrown at them.   


And if you are able to tolerate full on naughty tortie tortitude you will reap the rewards of never going a day without a surprise, never being more than 12 hours from that loving eye roll you give them, always knowing that tomorrow is another day and holds 100% capacity to bring a new, memorable experience. 


If you would like to be considered to rehome either of these girlies, or any of the other deserving cats Woodlands are currently enjoying the company of then visit their website to fill in the form. 

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