Sponsor one of our animals for Christmas

It might be far too early for you to even be thinking about Christmas, but it is now around the corner and we would like to remind you that you can sponsor any of our four animals family's either for yourself or as a present for someone you care about.  This will be the gift that keeps on giving, and you can choose to pay either monthly, or a one off payment and the recipient will receive a whole 12 months of updates about their animal, with photos and news from us.  You can choose our Feline Family, Goats - Bert & Ernie, Hedgehog Family and our donkeys Beanie & Dolly.

We also aim to include some educational content with our sponsorship packs which we hope will be interesting to everyone.  We are very aware that not everybody is able to spend time around animals, or learn about them -  whether that be pets or wildlife.  And because of this we would like to bring this opportunity to as many people as possible and our sponsorship packages are one of those ways.

By supporting us in this way you will be contributing towards a reliable income, which is so very important, especially as we are all still navigating our way through a global pandemic and lockdown.  Being a part of the solution we are looking for to keep our future secure and therefore the many animals who benefit from our care too, is such a worthwhile thing to do, and helps to make the lives of these animals that much better.  For as much as we are all struggling and facing our own challenges during this pandemic, animals too are suffering - as their family’s may no longer be able to look after them as they struggle to look after themselves.  Our aims haven't changed, are we are still looking to relieve the suffering of abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals, it's just this need has increased with the Corona Pandemic.  We also aim to take the stress out of these situation for struggling family’s by rehoming their fur baby with a suitable family, or providing care within the community to enable a family to keep their beloved pet.

You can find out more on our website and sign up to be a sponsor.

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