Bobby’s happy ever after

You may remember back in July that we at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary issued a plea on behalf of Bobby, the gentle black and white gentleman with no tail for a loving new home?  Well, he was reserved not long after that and went to his new home last month!

Our team are thrilled with the home Bobby has found for himself and we could not have wished for a more wonderful family for him.  Given he was struggling with sanctuary life both the team at Woodlands and his new family were surprised and relieved to see him settle in so quickly, being described as “a member of the family after only a couple of days” Bobby’s family say he is “wonderfully cuddly and has already become braver about being upstairs, you just never quite know what they have been through before”.  This is fantastic, because Bobby is going to be a house cat, with access to the garden, and so for him to have, and be comfortable with, the full run of the house means he can utilise all the space available to him, which will no doubt help his mental state.

Bobby is currently getting comfortable to wearing a harness so that when the time comes for him to use the garden he can do so safely and confidently.  There is also talk of the garden being ‘cat proofed’ so that Bobby can have free rein in there too!  We are so happy that Bobby has found himself a family who are prepared to go to such lengths to ensure he has a happy, fulfilling and stable life.  Every success story our charity has means the world to us, because we are so aware of how the right home and family really can change the world of each animal.

With all the animals we rehome we do our best to match people and animals so that everyone gets maximum enjoyment from the experience.  Bobby’s mum described him as “quietly spoken”, which she is more than happy to nurture if he does become more vocal, however, she is also more than happy to love him as he is, if that is just his nature.  This acceptance of individual personality’s is just superb and ideal for what the charity is looking for.  Every cat is different, just as every family looking for a new fur baby is, and trying to get those matches just right, can be very tricky – but immeasurably rewarding.

If you are thinking of welcoming a pet into your home and family, then please consider going to a rescue centre and looking at adults as well as the cute babies.  No animal stays a cute baby forever, and giving a loving home to animal has either never known love, or has, but got it taken away from them, is just the best feeling.  To find out more about rehoming cats and guinea pigs from us, visit our Rehoming Page

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