An exciting update from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

There has been a lot of excitement here at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary over the last almost twelve months to the day, since being awarded a grant from Support Adoption for Pets for a brand new cattery, including rehoming, maternity, residents and isolation blocks.  And at the end of this week we are planning to move all their cats into their new accommodation! 

The last twelve months has seen a lot of hard work by a lot of different people connected to the animal rescue centre to see this dream into fruition, from the initial planning/designing and budgeting to coping with a global pandemic mid build.  However, hopefully, everyone’s hard work is now paying off and the move will go smoothly this weekend.

Along with the cats receiving new digs, the hedgehogs who are enjoying their rehabilitation at Woodlands have also received new accommodation.  They have been moved from their dedicated hog lodge into a purpose built room within their stable block, which is bigger and much more suitable to the numbers of hedgehogs our charity is now dealing with.

After a slow start on the hedgehog front this season, our team admitted 21 hedgehogs over 2 days earlier this week, bringing our total number of hogs to over 75.  Over half of these hogs are under 250g and so are classed as babies and too young to be released as yet.  This means that these juvenile hogs will need to be monitored and nurtured here at Woodlands until they reach a weight of over 620g, which means they then have a good chance of surviving in the wild.  Once they reach a satisfactory weight and their health is deemed as good as it can be, they will be released from one of the sanctuary’s designated soft release sites.

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