We all love a happy ending!

If you are a follower of us at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary on Facebook you may well have seen that we have been looking for a very specialised home for a very special moggy.  Piglet, who is a sphynx, came into our care back in April – after a pedigree breeder found her abandoned in a box on her doorstep.  On arrival she was exhibiting signs of Cat Flu, but that has now been treated and she has received her first vaccination, been spayed and microchipped.

As a result of this post on Facebook our team have found her new, loving forever home!  What a fabulous result!  Especially because Sphynx cats need quite a lot of specialist care, to keep them happy and healthy.  We are very happy to have found a suitable home for her so quickly, given her requirements.

It is also worth keeping an eye on their social media platforms for you daily dose of cuteness – because we currently have 21 kittens in their care!  We have received numerous applications for these kittens, but we are not all ready to be rehomed just yet, and so if you are serious about welcoming a kitten into your life and your home then visit the Rehoming During Quarantine page to complete the application form.

Do remember though, that it is not only kittens who are looking for their second chance of a happy every after – our rescue has a number of cats who due to their age, colour, care needs, may not seem as attractive as a cute kitten – but kittens do grow up, and while many of them were born at Woodlands, or came into their care very soon after, they do not have the memory of their betrayal quite so fresh in their minds.

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