Request for a storage unit

We at Woodlands are very aware of the extended team, who give us so much help and support and are a crucial part of our success – and so it is to our extended team we are turning now in looking for a storage unit for donated items.

It is with thanks to all their wonderful volunteers and supporters that Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are looking for somewhere they would be able to store all of our donated items from Bric a brac & books to soft toys etc. We are looking for someowhere clean, secure and where our fundraising volunteers would be able to have access it on event days and to sort and organise the items they get in.

Commercial storage units cost in the region of £250 per month, which would considerably increase our already stretched monthly costs. Ideally, we would like it to be located within the surrounding area to our site in Holmeswood, so we are looking at the likes of Southport, Hesketh Bank etc. We are hoping for a garage, that isn’t currently being used, a lockup that could be rented at a lesser price or something similar.

These donated items form an integral part of our charity’s fundraising and they are donated to us, so that we are able to give them as prizes (e.g. teddy tombola) at our events, or sell them on, visit our Facebook shop or Ebay to see all the goodies we have available!

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