Metal bars and forever scars

Our team at Woodlands come across many different scenarios where cats become unwanted and at times neglected, before they are able to find sanctuary with us.  However, some situations can pull at the heart strings of the our experienced team more than others.

Not least when we knowingly take in cats who through no fault of their own have been abandoned and our team know, will be over looked time and again in favour of a younger, cuddlier, more attractive coloured cat.  Not only is this heart breaking for the cats but also us, who see the cat retreat more and more into themselves as they are passed by once again.  For as independent as cats can be, they are still just as receptive as us to feeling loved or not.

Our team are therefore unable to turn these cats away, even though we know they will be in our care far longer than they should be and will cost us more, simply due to the length of time they are with us.

The beautiful Millie and equally handsome Jack are both cats who unfortunately for them, fall into this category of being over-looked simply because of their colour and sensitive nature.

Millie arrived to us at Woodlands all the way back in February, pre lockdown era! Millie was found as a stray and taken to Rufford Vets to be health checked and looked after before being admitted to our charity. It was found that Millie has a mild heart murmur which could become more of an issue for her in the future.  She is also on special food because she has a tendency to throw up when given regular food. She has of course been health checked, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed prior to being given the all clear to be rehomed and the vets suggests that this little lady is still only 6 or 7 years young.  Although she has a couple of health conditions, she is a beautiful, friendly cat who adores to be stroked, which leads to the couple of incredibly endearing habits she appears to have when being stroked!  She will walk like a crab while being stroked and will talk to you with the cutest meow you will ever have heard! Millie does however, need an understanding home that will still give her all the love she is longing for. 

Jack, meanwhile, came to us at Woodlands in mid-March, with his friend, who unfortunately had health issues and could not be saved, when their owners moved abroad and could not take the cats with them.  Jack is particularly timid and can be very nervous.  Our dedicated team have done all we can to help Jack to adjust to his new, albeit temporary environment, but he has sadly lost his confidence in humans.  Our team have therefore taken the decision that Jack should only be rehomed to an outdoor environment, one where he can have his own space and routine, but knows he has a guaranteed food supply, someone to watch out for him, should be become poorly and somewhere safe to shelter when he needs it.  A stable, farm, small holding or similar would be ideal, with someone who is happy to allow Jack the freedom he needs to enjoy his life again.

 There is a poem hanging up in the shelter at Woodlands, which has caused many a tear to be shed, and which unfortunately, our team feel is rather prudent for Millie and Jack.  Beginning

I sit alone and so confused, behind the metal bars.  The loss that I am feeling, will forever leave scars.” 

Our sanctuary is asking you, if you have the time, patience and space to give one of these special kitty’s the happy ending they are craving.

If you would like to read the full poem here is it:

I sit alone and so confused

behind the metal bars.

The loss that I am feeling

will forever leave scars.


My family left me here one day

A month or two ago.

They said ‘Don’t worry Sunny,

You’ll find a home; we know’


It seems they’d bought a flat

That said ‘No Pets Permitted’

I thought they’d never leave me

But then they went and did it


My favourite window sill is gone

Where I used to lay in the sun.

I cried all night the day they left

And remembered the years of fun.


The people stop and look at me

And always say ‘Poor thing’

Then they choose a kitten

When they could have had a king.


So, please, if you stop by my ‘home’

Just give me an extra rub.

I’ve given up being adopted

But I sure could use the love.


And if you really like me,

Please, please take me with you

I’ll be really good, I promise,

And love you long and true.


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