Greebo by name & looks…but that’s where it ends


Greebo by name and looks but not Greebo by nature!  We at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary welcomed Greebo into our care in January this year; a loving, and now trusting mature gentleman, Greebo is consistently over looked for a forever loving home of his own in favour of his conventionally beautiful & younger neighbours.  The name is very apt for his looks, even down to his folded ears, but that is where the similarities end, if you are familiar with Terry Pratchett's Discworld books in which Greebo features.  

A loving nature with a sad past, this Greebo is ready to start the next chapter of his story without Nanny Ogg.  This Greebo is neither a tom cat, nor a swaggering bully, and his neighbours and the staff at Woodlands certainly do not fear him.  He is in fact, a firm favourite with our team and we all have our fingers crossed for him, to get the happy ever after he deserves.

We believe he was a stray for years, & it wasn’t until a kind soul took pity on him and caught him to treat him for an extremely bad skin condition that Greebo’s story started to turn around.  Now free of his skin condition, but left with ears that are folded over, meaning he is unable to clean them himself and with only 3 teeth to his name after an awful mouth infection, Greebo nevertheless loves cuddles with people.  More than happy to receive frequent help to clean his ears, and certainly not objectionable to receiving the occasional healthy treat for his trouble, Greebo is wonderful company and loves nothing more than curling up on a welcoming lap.

If you are looking for a character like this to brighten up your life, then contact us to hear more about him.  He has of course, been neutered, cleared by the our vet for rehoming and is up to date with vaccinations – all he’s waiting for is you!  However, remember, that although he is not one of the youngest cats available, he still has a lot of life left to live, and taking on a cat, or indeed any animal is not a decision to be taken lightly.  There is a cost to rehoming an animal, and further ongoing costs throughout the life of your pet, in order to give them a happy, healthy life.  So we urge you to consider whether it is the right time and correct decision for you, prior to phoning us.  And remember, you will be required to go through our three phase rehoming system, that is now contactless, in accordance with social distancing guidelines prior to being cleared to rehome from us.


Contact our team on 01704 823293 for more information or visit our Rehoming Page.


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