And nature keeps going

Our lives maybe rather different at the moment, but Mother Nature is continuing with or without us!

Our team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary has welcomed our first mother and babies of this season and are preparing themselves for our busiest and most expensive time of the year.

Now is the time our team start to get flooded with mums and kittens, pregnant cats, pregnant hedgehogs and baby hoglets that have been abandoned by their mum.  Whilst having lots of babies at the sanctuary is very lovely and most definitely cute, they are a lot of work, with some needing to be hand reared around the clock, whilst others will need varying degrees of veterinary treatment.

All mummy cats and kittens will be available for rehoming, once the kittens are old enough, they have been cleared to go by their vet and Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.  As always with us at Woodlands, mums will have been spayed, and be up to date with vaccinations, flea & worm treatment and kittens will have had at least their first vaccination, and you will receive a voucher for the second one they will need.  You will also receive 4 weeks’ free insurance with Pet Plan, with the option to take out a full policy with them after that period if you wish.

For all of this, we at Woodlands ask for a minimum donation of £85 when you rehome a cat.  This is to help cover the cost of the care and treatment that cat has received during their stay with our charity, but does by no means cover all the costs incurred. 

As an independent, registered charity, we do need to raise all of our running costs ourselves, which with the amount of animals in our care and the staffing levels that requires, runs into thousands each week.  Now, even more than ever, we are needing every penny possible because our usual fundraising activities have been cancelled due to lockdown restrictions.  

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