What a strange time we find ourselves in!

We are living though what will hopefully be a very short time in our notable history.  Staying home with loved ones, doesn’t sound too bad, especially when we remember our fur babies too!

Our staff at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are continuing to provide care and treatment for the animals they are responsible for, albeit in a much altered structure to normal, to protect staff and customers.  The idea is the animals won’t notice anything different, other than not seeing quite as many humans as they may normally do, but the staff certainly will!

Fundraising is obviously very much changed for this independent registered charity, much as it is for the whole of the charity sector.  Money, they are well aware is another cause for concern for many in these uncertain times, but trying to keep some normality where possible is a good idea.  There are various different ways you can support us financially at this time and if you are able to, it will make a very big difference to them!  Please visit our Get Involved Page

What could be a better way to lift your mood than to win the lottery?  And this is another way you could help us especially at this time.  We now have our own lottery, which is drawn weekly, which you can enter, online, with no social contact at all, and be in with a chance of winning up to £25,000.00! The odds are much more in your favour than with the National Lottery or Euro millions, AND you will be donating to our charity at the same time, without you needing to spend any more than you want to put on the lottery.  This help, at this time, has never been more needed by your local animal sanctuary.

We would all like our own bit of sanctuary from this madness at the moment and by helping us to be able to continue our life changing and lifesaving work, you can get some self-satisfaction as well as hopefully a win on the lottery! Win Win!   

Visit to find our more and sign up! With more than one chance to win each week, entry from only £1 per week, and a proportion of your entry money being donated directly to us at Woodlands, entering could not only make a real difference to your life but also to the many hundreds of animals Woodlands Animal Sanctuary helps.

Our team at Woodlands would like to wish you all the best and to stay safe and they look forward to seeing you in person once we have got through this together!  To keep up to date with the work we are continuing to do please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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