Give a gift that keeps on giving this Mother’s day!

Mother’s day is rolling around rapidly and with everything that is going on with Covid-19 life seems rather surreal at the moment.

Balancing trying to keep your life as normal as possible without putting yourself or others at risk is a difficult balance to achieve.  Now more than ever, we are wanting to look after our loved ones, and work as a society, country and world to combat this virus. 

There are many people whose job provides an essential lifeline to people and animals and will indeed continue to provide that service for as long as they possibly can.  We at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are very aware of protecting our team of staff and volunteers, whilst also supporting the animals in our care.  Fundraising activities will be severely compromised at this time and therefore our income also.

If you are looking for an alternative Mother’s Day gift, that still shows your mum how loved and special she is, continues to give, long after flowers how wilted and died or smellies have been used and is without any social contact then take a look at the various sponsorship packages available through us.  Sponsoring one of our mums, will make the world of difference to that mum and your mum will receive updates for a whole year.

Visit our Sponsorship page to find out more!

Wet at Woodlands would also like to thank all of our supporters for the support they have continued to show through these unusual times and hope that everyone stays safe.

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