The North West’s Grumpiest Cats

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary has had the North West’s Loneliest and now our team think we have the grumpiest cat – but this is not without reasons.

Peppa is a distinctive 6-year-old cat who has only been with us since the beginning of January, however, shelter life does not suit her.  Peppa had lived with her previous family since she was a kitten weaned from her mum and loved her life.  However, as we all know, life does change and Peppa’s family extended their human family and had a baby a couple of years ago.  Their now toddler and Peppa did not get on and so it was Peppa who had to find a new home.

From the upheaval of leaving her only known home Peppa is now struggling to adjust to shelter life and to trust people again.  Being surrounded by other cats and a much larger volume of different people coming and going daily is causing her to become frustrated.  We at Woodlands are therefore looking for an experienced cat home for her, where there are no children and no other cats.

Abigail, one of Peppa’s main Animal Carer’s says “it can be quite upsetting to work with Peppa because we can see her current behaviour is undesirable and erratic, but this is due to the cattery environment she is in.  And although we have made significant progress with her, we would expect her progress to double in loving home environment.”

Six, is no age to be disillusioned with life, so if you think you may be able to offer Peppa the space, love and security she so desperately needs then contact us on 01704 823893 to book a viewing appointment. 

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