New Cattery Building Progress

Building work has been going on at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary for almost a month now on our new cattery, made possible by an incredibly generous grant from Support Adoption for Pets; and what isn’t under water is going very well!

Groundworks are notoriously unpredictable and when the weather has been as it has it has led to work taking a little longer than anticipated.  However, the project’s committee have tried to take things like this into consideration when planning the schedule and so extra time has been built in to accommodate such instances.  The insertion of drains and services, whilst not being very glamorous, is definitely crucial and will ultimately make the end result even more professional and efficient, not least at helping with disease control when the cats have moved in. 

Our Equine and Farm Animal Care team are also facing challenges working alongside the building works, but with such a fantastic goal now coming into sight, the overall feel on site at Woodlands is one of positivity and optimism.  Heather, one of the sanctuary’s Supervisory Animal Carer’s says “so far it hasn’t been as bad as I expected and the animals are all coping really well, which does make our job much easier!  It also helps a lot, that the builders are so understanding and accommodating of the animals.”

Thoughts can now dare to turn to the finished product and what it will be like to care for cats in this fantastic environment.  Many a discussion is taking place between Animal Carers, Trustees, the charity’s Veterinary Surgeons and indeed Maintenance as to the best finishing touches for this build.  All of these finishing touches will need to be purchased which unfortunately also needs to be paid for. If you would like to be involved in this exceptional opportunity for Woodlands, visit the Feline Fort Fundraising page to find out more about these finishing touches and how you can become a part of the finished project.

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