Middle aged and full of life – don’t let these moggies live in strife!

Our team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are currently enjoying the company of several cats who are between the ages of 5 & 15.  However, the dream isn’t for these cats to live out their days in a pen in a shelter.  But for them to have another chance of happiness in a house they can call their own, with a knee to cuddle up on so they are never alone.

It is lovely to welcome a kitten into your family, but cats can live to their late teens and so an 8-year-old cat still has a lot of life to live and love to give.  It is also worth remembering that animals who have been brought into a rescue after they have reached maturity will remember their previous life – whether that was full of love or full of neglect.  Therefore, they will often be even more grateful for the chance of a second chance.

It is hardly ever through any fault of the cat that they have been brought into us, & whether their owner loves them dearly but can no longer care for them, or whether they have been abandoned, their circumstances can never be fully explained to them and so they have to trust, or try to learn to trust again, that humans can in fact still care for them and be a welcome addition to their life.

If you think you have the time & love to give to one of these cats, then head over to our Cats for Rehoming section of our website:   

We have recently welcomed more cats who have not yet been cleared for rehoming, but as soon as they have been they will also be featuring on the website, so please keep checking to allow these beauties’ the opportunity to show how much love they have still to give.

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