I've been Rehomed!


The food bringers at the sanctuary have spent a few weeks mumbling to each other and giving me funny looks. It all started after a lovely lady named Emma came and spent a bit of time with me. I’ve had lots of people come and give me fuss and cuddles while I’ve been here but this time seemed different. And then the humans started acting weird.

Anyway, while I was getting my breakfast on Monday morning one of them came to me with a big grin on her face. Apparently someone has passed a “home check” whatever that is and I’m getting out of here! I’m going to live in an actual house! I’m gonna curl up in front of the fire and claim the couch as mine and maybe knock over the Christmas tree. Actually on second thoughts, that might mean I won’t get treats. I’ll leave the tree alone!

Thank you to every single person who showed interest in my story and came to see me and cuddle me and play with me. And most importantly, feed me!

I’m super happy, bye Woodlands!

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