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Hi everyone, my name is Sassy and I have been at Woodlands for 5 months!  I believe the hoomans have taken the liberty of writing about myself and my fellow mums who I am living with at the moment. They have done this without even asking us! But, I may let it go this time as I’ve been told they did it to try to find us our own hoomans to go & live with.  It’s also been suggested to me that they will even vet the new hoomans to check that they will look after us nicely and not abandon us again….that just seems like a fairy tale though.

When I was little my mum told me stories about pog fires, I think she said, and thick fluffy mugs we could lie on in front of the fires.  I honestly can’t tell you how amazing that sounds. 

I knew something was going on when I was pregnant, and maybe the hoomans I was living thought they wouldn’t be able to cope or something, but I think they must have known I was pregnant, and I just couldn’t hold on any longer and I gave birth on the way here.  I don’t know what I imagined but bouncing around in a car being taken to an unknown destination was not the best experience of my life. 

Luckily, new hoomans, have fallen as much in love with my babies as I did and they have all flown the nest now and I have my paws and tail crossed that they are lying on their very own fluffy mug, in front of a pog fire, getting as many tickles from their hooman as they could wish for.  The Woodlands hoomans tell me I am still beautiful and that I won’t be living with them for the rest of my life.  They are all so lovely, but the rooms here unfortunately can’t stretch to our own pog fires and I know the hoomans have so much to do here that they can’t just stay and cuddle me all day.  Sometimes, when I am feeling down, they do notice and give me extra love, but to be in my own home with hoomans who only have me to love would just be amazing.  Anyway, I hope the hooman writing about us did a good job, because we are all about girl power here as we have all survived our unexpected pregnancies and being abandoned and still want to have a hooman in our lives!

I’ve included a photo my me and my girls because we ARE worth it!


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