Why is Mother’s day only once a year?

An anonymous job description was once written for being a mum and although a lot of people applied & turned up for the interview; it will give you more job satisfaction than you have ever had before, no one wanted the job when the hours 24/7 & the pay £0 were given.  However, so many of us choose to become a mum/parents and accept and even embrace the highs and lows this amazing life changing decision gives us.  However, a lot of our pets do not get to ‘choose’ when or even if they want to become a mum.

The vast majority, if not indeed all, of the mum and pregnant cats that we welcome to our doorstep come with extra needs, not least the extra care their babies need.  From being under weight, to having allergies, to just being too young to carry their babies full term.  All of these issues cause her discomfort and most heart breakingly the vast majority can be easily avoided!

We at Woodlands are thankful for all the respect you have for us, for dealing with these heart breaking situations with empathy, professionalism and competence, to make the mums as comfortable as possible, and to give her babies the best start possible for their lives.

Neutering, is a very easy way to avoid senseless and unwanted pregnancies in our beloved pets.  A routine operation for your local vet, it will eliminate the possibility of all of the potential associated risks of pregnancy, not to mention help to reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted pets.

When a rescue charity like us takes in a pregnant mum, they not only have to cover the costs of the mum, but also potentially up to 5 kittens.  It is worth mentioning that without fail, ALL cats, who are rehomed from us will be neutered before being cleared for rehoming by our vet.  In the case of cats coming to the charity pregnant, the neutering is another cost we have to fund.  We have had a number of these situations over the summer and most of them have a happy ending.  However, once these mums have successfully given birth, raised their babies and then waved them off to their new, loving, forever homes, they then unfortunately seem to get overlooked themselves for their chance of a second chance.

We currently have 6 mums, who will all be wanting their own loving, forever home when the time is right for them.  Dorothy & Sassy (who you can see on our cats for rehoming page) have been at here since early spring and the team are desperate that they don’t have to spend the winter in our care, when they could be snuggled up warm and cosy in their own home.  

If you would like to find out more about the rehoming process, or think one of these awesome mum cats would complete your family, please contact us either by phoning 01704 823293, or emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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