The North West’s loneliest cat

Woodlands have an anniversary this week, but the team do not feel like celebrating.  Harry, a beautifully handsome cat will have been living at the sanctuary for a full year, as despite his best efforts he has been overlooked by every single person who has fostered a cat from Woodlands in the last 12 months.

Harry was brought in by one of the sanctuary’s members of staff because he had been abandoned by his family when they moved away and was left to roam the streets around where he used to live.  Local children were taking amusement from throwing stones at him, while all Harry wanted was a family he could live, play and sleep with.  Harry is approximately 4 years old and plays exactly as you would expect a strong 4 year old boy to play.  Woodlands would therefore like an experienced cat owner to take Harry under their wing, someone who doesn’t have young children and who are not too elderly.  Harry would ideally like his own home with a garden where he can play with his toys, interact when he wants to and have space when he wants.  As with a lot of boys Harry LOVES his food and as such does have to watch how much he eats, as his waistline was expanding more than was healthy for him.  However, due to his playful nature Harry loves interacting with toys and so will often have his food in a treat ball, which allows him to play and move around more whilst enjoying his food.

Kate, one of the volunteers at the sanctuary thinks that Harry is just misunderstood and says that when you give him a brush he turns into a real softy!

Ann, another of the sanctuary volunteers, has a real affinity with Harry and says “Harry is such a softy and he does love strokes, but just loves food more!”

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