Dolly's Blog

Hello, I'm Dolly and I am around 7 years young!  I've been at Woodlands since the 19th March after my previous owner had a baby and it all got a little bit overwhelming for her!  But that's okay because the nice staff and volunteers here take really good care of us!  I've been told that I should find a new home, but I'm really shy!  So I really hope the right person or family, who understand my shy nature, come around and take me home!

Even though I'm shy, I do love a good cuddle!  I really enjoy head pats and chin scratches, so much so that I even start purring!  Even though I lack a bit of confidence, I'm certain that with enough time, I will come out of my shell, especially since I'm so special!  In fact, did you know that only 20% of ginger tabbys are girls?  Just like me!

The humans at Woodlands say that my new home would need to use something called a Feliway plug in?  Apparently in releases something in the air that would help me stay all nice and calm, which doesn't sound at all bad to me!  And I'm sure the right humans for me will think it's a fab idea too!

Anyways, I'm going to carry on snoozing in my comfy bed now, I hope to see some of you soon!


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