Spring has sprung – here come all the animals!

As blossom is making an appearance and everywhere is looking greener and greener, we have seen glimpses of sunshine and warmer weather & our thoughts are turning to all things summery.  The same can also be said for the animal world, warm winter coats are being shed, hibernation is a thing of the past, more time can be spent outside and families are often expanded upon!

Whilst this is the normal pattern for nature and part of the natural circle of life, as environments & habitats change, wildlife can struggle to complete their circle of life as changes can occur too quickly for them to adapt.  In the case of domestic pets, owner’s circumstances can change leaving their pets homeless.  This is where we at Woodlands step in to rescue, rehabilitate and release or rehome pets and some wildlife species.

Hedgehogs and cats are two of the animals that we deal with the most.  During the summer months, our team are often inundated with cats, more specifically kittens at this time of year, as well as juvenile hogs and orphaned or abandoned hoglets.  Babies, of any species and more specifically poorly babies, can carry a high financial cost.  As we are an independent, self-funded charity, this time of year can really stretch the our purse strings to their limits.  From the increased man hours that are needed to care for these vulnerable, innocent babies, to the medication they often require, not to mention the usual food, water, shelter & bedding, along with routine medicines such as wormers and flea treatments, the costs of care for the animals at Woodlands can increase dramatically over the carefree, summer months.

We are forever grateful to our longstanding and new supporters, who offer support all year round, from assisting at fundraising events, volunteering on site with day to day animal care, purchasing much needed equipment from the charities Amazon wish list, sponsoring one of the resident animals or buying items from the Ebay shop.  This all helps maintain the finances of our charity.  However, it is over the coming months that the bills for medication and veterinary care really start to increase & we really need and appreciate any monetary donations that people can make – however small or big. For it may as their mission statement says, it may not make a difference to the world, but it can make the world of difference to that one animal.

If you feel you would like to make a financial contribution to our Sanctuary you can either collect a standing order form from our onsite shop, or visit to view the different ways in which you can do this.  Why not make the world of difference to those animals, from the comfort of your own house, or sun lounger in the garden! 

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