Freya's Blog

Hello! I’m Freya! My human unfortunately is no longer around which is why I’m being looking after by some other lovely humans here at the sanctuary!  

Let’s start with the obvious.. I’m one big kitty! I love my food and especially the tasty treats I got given, but the humans here at the sanctuary tell me it isn’t healthy, so I they told me I have to watch my weight! Rude right!?

I’m now on a controlled diet (boring!) which gets spread out throughout the day so I’m not left hungry! I love a good fuss with the volunteers.. I specifically love bulldozing into their hands when they come for stokes! 

The humans tell me I need to start exercising to lose some weight, how embarrassing! But it might be nice to be able to run around again rather than sleeping in my bed all day. Because of my weight I am not able to groom myself like all the other cats, this is the reason for my mattes and smelliness, so the humans have to wash and groom for me! This means they have to carry my fat bum to another room for them to give me all the attention I crave! 

I hope one day someone can be very understanding about my weight and give me the attention I need to become as skinny as the other cats! It will be a slow process and hopefully I can live without my tasty treat’s but the humans said it will provide me with a better way of life. 



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