Could you be the exclusive home these special cats need?

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary take in sick, unwanted and abandoned animals, and specialise in cats and hedgehogs.  With cats in particular this is without any monetary donation.  As a self-funded, independent charity, this can at times put considerable pressure on their purse strings when things are not always as they seem with animals they take in.

Often people become unable to continue looking after their pet, if that animal develops health problems – generally, these problems are passed onto Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, often without their knowledge, when they accept the pet to rehome.

In these situations, Woodlands ask for the most caring of families to open their arms and welcome into their homes, for the remainder of that cat’s life, to give them the love and stability, living with a family they can call their own provides.  When lifelong medication is required, Woodlands will stand this cost, to alleviate that pressure from the fostering family.

Woodlands currently has two pairs of cats, in this position looking for their own loving forever home;

Charlie & Elvis who came to the charity on 29th August last year after having spent the previous 18 months in a cattery due to their owner not wanting them anymore.  As is protocol with all cats Woodlands take in, Charlie and Elvis were given a health check by their resident vet and it was discovered that they both had slight heart murmurs.  The murmurs are such, that at the moment neither Charlie nor Elvis require any medication, but whoever takes on this charismatic pair will need to monitor this closely by taking them to Rufford Veterinary Group (to be seen by Alison only) for regular checks and it is likely they will need medication in the future.  The package Woodlands are offering though, will mean that all medication is paid for by the charity, and so the fosterers will not need to pay for this.

Charlie is a Semi long haired tabby and white, 9 years old male. He is quieter than Elvis but loves his cuddles! He needs regular grooming because of his long coat.  Because he can be a stressful little soul, the fosterers will need to plug Feliway in before welcoming this pair to their new home.  He will also need to watched for him developing cystitis (again stress related) as he has had this when he first arrived at the sanctuary.

Elvis is grey and white, also a 9-year-old male. He is more adventurous & does like getting into mischief – which keeps the Animal Carers on their toes, but also with a smile on their faces. Elvis too, loves a fuss!

As with all cats available for rehoming from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, both boys are up to date with worming, de-flea treatments, are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.  Fosterers are expected to continue these treatments for the duration of the cats life and this will be at their own expense.

The second pair the sanctuary are looking for long term fosterers for are Cookie and Cleo.  This pair were originally rehomed from Woodlands as a pair of kittens back in 2014, but they were brought back to the sanctuary on at the beginning of this year by their fosterer when they became unable to continue looking after them due to loss of employment.  Again, after the health check by the sanctuary’s resident vet it was discovered that Cleo has quite a severe heart murmur.  The pair are therefore being rehomed on a long term foster basis the same as Charlie and Elvis, i.e. the charity will pay for Cleo’s heart medication for the remainder of her life.

Cleo is a beautiful 4-year-old white and black female. She is very loving and adores a fuss. She is on medication for her heart murmur that she will need for the rest of her life and will also need regular, close monitoring by Rufford vets (again to be seen by Alison only) for regular checks as her medication may need adapting in the future.  This will be the responsibility of the fosterer to arrange, not Woodlands.  Unfortunately, due to the severity of her heart murmur Woodlands are unable to be sure of her expected life span.  She had a problem with over grooming when she first arrived at the charity, (again often a sign of stress) but she is now much happier and therefore her fur is now growing back.  Her prospective fosterers will need to keep an eye on for her over-grooming again though, should she become stressed at any point.

Cookie is also 4-years-old and is an all-black female.  She also loves attention and has a very affectionate nature.

Again, both of these girls are fully up to date with worming, de flea, vaccinations and are both microchipped and neutered.


If you think you and your family, could welcome into your home either of these special pairs of cats please contact Woodlands Animal Sanctuary by phoning 01704 823293.

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