Charlies Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Charlie and I am currently living here at Woodlands with my best friend Elvis! We arrived at Woodlands back in August after our owner fell ill and was put into a care home. We spent 18 months in a boarding cattery before it was decided that it was best if we looked for a new home. When we arrived it was very scary because a lot of things had changed in our lives.

I was very anxious at first, but the humans here were very reassuring and gave us yummy food and a nice warm bed! Eventually I began to come out of my shell and I realised that it wasn’t so bad! My best friend Elvis helped me a lot and the humans were very nice and gave me lots of cuddles! 

When I saw the scary vet human, she told me that I had a quite a bad heart murmur! What made this even worse is that my best friend Elvis also has one!!! His is not quite as bad as mine and we are quite happy despite our struggles, but this means we will need an understanding long term fosterer! I am looking for a home with my buddy Elvis because we are best friends and I would be sad without him! We are still hopeful that we can find a loving human that will give us a chance! Until then we will be cuddled up in bed, waiting for dinner!!! 

If you would like to come and meet us, you can give the sanctuary a call on 01704 823293 to arrange an appointment. We would love to meet you! Goodbye for now… 


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