Shadows Blog

Hey guys, remember me? Of course you do! So anyway, Shadow here and the humans have asked me to write to all of my fans again, since you all loved me so much the first time – obviously!


So if you remember, I told you all about how brave I was about my operation thingy. Well after my leg was all healed and feeling much better, guess what those pesky humans did….? They took me back to the scary important humans who did ANOTHER operation thingy! This time it was on my left leg! They have all tried to assure me that they are just doing what’s best for me but what do they know? Anyway, it doesn’t matter because I am so brave that I wasn’t even scared! They tried to put another cone on me but I wasn’t having that so we made an agreement; I won’t touch my leg if I don’t have to wear the cone.

So now I am told that I am on the road to recovery, and it’s great because I have been getting so many cuddles and strokes. I couldn’t be happier! I would have operation thingy’s more often if I knew I was going to get all this attention!

BUT, there’s even better news guys; a very kind human came to see me and told the other humans that she wants to take me home! So now as soon as I’m all healed up, my human is going to come and take me home. I can’t wait! I’m going to get belly tickles and cuddles ALL DAY LONG! It is going to be amazing! I know all the humans here at woodlands will be sad to see me go and will miss me terribly… I mean… who wouldn’t? But they have all told me that this is the best thing for me and I will be happier in a new loving home. I hope to have loads of toys to play with and nice warm beds for me to mess up. I’m so excited!

Anyway I’d better go now - I need to go and beg the humans for more food or maybe a cuddle… I haven’t decided which yet!

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