As spring well as truly arrives and we get to see the blossom on the trees, enjoy the warmer weather and hear the birds singing again, this also signals the start of wildlife slowly emerging from however they have endured the winter. 

In the case of the hedgehog, they may have struggled during the winter months just to survive to this point.  Lack of food is one of the main challenges facing hedgehogs at the moment, that is, once they have successfully navigated our busy roads, avoided the strimmer, shimmied out of the bonfire before being burnt alive, struggled out of the pretty garden pond they used for a drink and managed not be get poisoned by the pesticides that now so often coat their food.

Once again we have got a full cattery which means you have a superb opportunity to find the purfect feline for your home.  We have pairs, singles, older cats and young ones, those who require a more experienced home and even a diabetic who is finally stable enough to look for his loving forever home. 

So if you've been thinking about welcoming a cat into your life or have been tempted by other people’s stories about their furbaby’s please do get in touch.  Welcoming a cat into your life, especially one from a rescue centre like us can be incredibly rewarding. 


We have been beginning to turn our thoughts to warmer weather, sunnier days and the influx of babies - both of the furry and spikey variety, but we have already welcomed our first couple of kittens and they require round the clock care.At the end of February we were made aware of two kittens living in a garden in Liverpool.  It took three rescues all pulling together, but the kittens have now arrived with us and they will be fed by hand every two hours, around the clock to ensure they transition to life away from mum with as few issues as possible. 

The adorable sisters are weighing in at four weeks old and have received some medication already, but it is a case of seeing if any symptoms of illnesses develop over the next few days.  They both had slightly sticky eyes on admittance and are now sneezing, so they are currently on a course of antibiotics with an eye cream too for flu.  

As disappointing as it is that holidays are something of a taboo at the moment – why not use that left over holiday money to boost the work we do.  We have just been awarded over £200 in exchange for foreign money!  

If you’ve had one, you’ll know, if you work in the veterinary sector you’ll know and if you haven’t had the privilege yet; ignorance is bliss!  What are we talking about?  The well-used saying of naughty tortie amongst cat owners and vets!  There are similar sayings to this for dogs and horses and it is simply a generalisation, a bit like an old wives tale, that encourages you to be aware of, what some may call, naughty behaviour from tortoiseshell cats.  However, if you speak to a vet – you will probably find that they say it is very accurate! 

Well 2020 has certainly been a memorable year for everyone and in many different ways – unfortunately, not all of them positive.  However, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of you who has supported us this year.

Peanut came to us due to behavioural issues, and whilst we know this could mean he is more difficult to rehome, this doesn’t mean we think he is any less deserving!  We try to give every cat that comes to us, the best possible outcome for them individually.  This also means we try to match homes with the cats we have.  We don’t have a 100% success rate, but we do our damnedest to try!

Cats as we're sure you are aware are not like dogs and can often do their own thing!
However, a cat in need of help or support, for whatever reason, is still an animals needing help – but depending on which category the cat falls into can determine the best way to help that cat.

We thought it might be helpful to give you some information about the best ways to help either a stray, feral cat or someone's pet who maybe lost.

It might be far too early for you to even be thinking about Christmas, but it is now around the corner and we would like to remind you that you can sponsor any of our four animals family's either for yourself or as a present for someone you care about.  This will be the gift that keeps on giving, and you can choose to pay either monthly, or a one off payment and the recipient will receive a whole 12 months of updates about their animal, with photos and news from us.  You can choose our Feline Family, Goats - Bert & Ernie, Hedgehog Family and our donkeys Beanie & Dolly.

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