Woodlands Animal Sanctuary is a registered independent charity (no.1108626).
Based in Holmeswood (near Rufford, Southport & Ormskirk),
we look after ill, unwanted and neglected animals.
We specialise in rehoming cats and guinea pigs and rehabilitating hedgehogs.


Latest News

Holly's Second blog

Hey! Its me again, Holly.

The humans came and let me out of my special bedroom this morning and took away the remains of my supper from last night so that the other residents don’t steal it, how cheeky of them! I wouldn’t let them eat it anyway, one swipe from my paw and off they go! They know whos boss cat around here, did I forget to tell you all that its me? I have a

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Holly's Blog

Hello all!

My name is Holly, or Holly-boo as some of the staff here call me, bit strange right? I came to Woodlands a number of years ago from the man I used to live with. He said I was hard work and very temperamental, I’m not sure what he was really talking about. I mean, what person doesn’t like to be bitten and scratched every now and again, it’s my favourite

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Merlin has another update for you all!

Hi folks!

Me again. Merlin. Though you can’t have forgotten that already. I’m too important for you to forget my name! I want to take a few minutes of your time and complain about the 2-legs. There I was minding my own business in the field when they came to catch me. There I was thinking I’d get to have a snooze in my lovely comfy bed when it happened. Betrayal! Betrayal of the

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An update on our poorly kittens

We wanted to give you a quick update on how we are doing with our poorly kittens.

We have decided to put our sanctuary cattery under quarantine at the moment the due to a virus called Panleukopenia, that has unfortunately taken the lives of 5 of the kittens we have recently rescued. We are in direct and regular contact with our vets and are following all the guidelines and protocols

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Meet Merlin!

Hello guys! Merlin here. The 2-legged horses have asked me to write you a little letter. I think they’re a bit weird but I’ll humour them for now!

I’ll start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a Shetland pony which the 2-legs say makes me the smallest but we all know I’m obviously the biggest horse here. I’m way bigger than any of them. I

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Terminally ill Oliver needs a foster home

We are desperately seeking a new home for a terminal cat.

Oliver is a very handsome two-and-a-half-year-old neutered male and has been with us since the 12th of June 2017 as he could not cope with the stressful environment in his previous home.

When we accepted Oliver for rehoming, it was mentioned that he had had a heart scan 12 months previously, but that this was nothing t

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